Grilled Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas

This has been a successful week keeping up with our weekly meal plan . We’ve stuck to it every night and I’ve had dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. Of course, prepping our meals by putting together a few ingredients ahead of time helps too. Putting together a meal plan does need a little bit of creativity, especially if your family is tired of the same old meals. This enchilada recipe was inspired by my Crockpot Enchiladas recipe. It was such a huge hit with the family, I wanted to add it to my freezer meals. I changed a couple of ingredients and made my own enchilada sauce with a little help from Emeril and these enchiladas are the happy result of thinking creatively in the kitchen.

**I changed the enchilada sauce recipe a bit after I read the reviews, which I will post my version of the recipe in another post.

Normally, I make my enchiladas with shredded chicken or beef. But, I decided to try something different for this week. I pre-cooked the chicken by grilling it a couple days before and refrigerated. On hand in the pantry, I had cheese, canned black beans, ingredients for making an easy enchilada sauce , green chiles and frozen corn.

I also had flour tortillas on hand in the freezer. Enchiladas are a meal that comes together quickly and I found they freeze rather well without falling apart, so I plan on adding a few pans to my freezer.

If you’re looking for meals to stock your freezer, you’ll find these Grilled Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas a pefect fit!



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