Getting My Family Into A Healthy Lifestyle

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting together a plan of action in my mind to living a healthier lifestyle. Not just for myself, but my family too. We used to be really active with kids activities, working out, exercising, biking but sometimes it seems as though life is just passing by so quickly and there’s just not enough time in the day. I know, the typical sad story but none of us set out to be unhealthy, overweight or out of shape. We just look up one day and BANG! There we are and it’s not pretty.

With the six back surgeries under my husband’s belt and being disabled,  it’s been difficult for him to get back into the healthy lifestyle of going to the gym or exercise without constantly being in pain. And when there’s pain, the motivation just isn’t there. For me, it’s been the crazy work ethics and procrastination of I’ll get to it later. For the kids, it’s been the television and video games.

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Right now, I feel like we are suppose to turn a new leaf. And living a much healthier, stress free lifestyle is right at the top of the list. You might say it’s a New Year’s resolution. Because truly being healthy, fit and in shape is more than just appearance. It’s about have the energy and focus on doing the things we love and enjoy in life and of course being comfortable in our own bodies. Comfort and confidence empowers us!

So as of now, we are DETERMINED!

It will hard work, take time, take commitment and planning and eating healthier.


We can do it!

So with this all being said, now our goal is written. I will share our family’s progress–the good and the bad; how we change our meal plans to eat healthier on a budget and our success. Hopefully, you’ll stick with us and who knows, it may inspire a little inspiration for your family.

What is your family’s  biggest hurdle to getting in shape and eating healthy? Let us know in the comments below, we’re always open to advice or success stories.




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