Frugal Living…The Benefits of Having a Clothesline


Frugal Living, is not just about food and your grocery budget. There are other things our family does to live more frugal. Cutting back on other expenses like electricity for example saves us money. Doing laundry can be expensive. It adds $30-$50  to the electricity bill every month. Having a clothesline and making use of it during the summer months is very frugal. And to add to it, making your own cleaning recipes like laundry soap even better.

When I was little, I remember we had this long clothesline to hang our clothes out to dry. Sure we had a dryer, but I remember us using the clothesline a lot more, running in between the clothes, sheets and towels. Being younger, it was fun running in and out of the clothes playing hide and seek or using my imagination and pretending the space in between was a house or some other far away place I can’t begin to remember.

We’ve had a metal clothesline sitting out back by the shop for years and I finally told my husband I wanted to put it to good use. It’s one of those things where I thought I was too busy before to take the time during the summer months and hang clothes out to dry. Boy, was I wrong. The dryer may make our clothes softer, and sure it’s easy to toss clothes from the washer into it, but it certainly doesn’t save us money.

During the summer months, when I hang our laundry out to dry, almost everyday (I do one load of laundry a day in the early morning to keep up) I’m knocking $30-$50 off of our electricity bill.

There are benefits to having a clothesline. I’m also making our clothes last longer, they smell fresh (Absolutely no bottle of scented laundry softener I’ve used can measure up to the sun and wind dried scent of clothes on the line.) and I’m tired of buying new clothes because they were faded or worn out. That lint that builds up from dryer your clothes…that’s your clothes wearing out faster. Something we can’t afford. Now, I don’t mind hanging laundry out to dry. I actually find it relaxing and it it brings a happy feeling being outdoors listening to the birds sing, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the morning sunshine.

Frugal Living...Having a Clothesline


Speaking of that, the clothesline is empty,  I need to go get the clothes from the washer. Have a great day and maybe a clothesline will be your answer to frugal living and saving a few extra bucks this month 🙂



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