Freezing Cooking: How To Freeze Potatoes

Freezing Cooking: How To Freeze Potatoes

One of the things I’ve recently added to my my meal prepping is potatoes. So today, I’m sharing  freezer cooking: How to freeze potatoes? It’s simple, really.

I had spent some time freezer cooking in hopes of planning and filling our new freezer in the garage. That being said, since we now plan our meals monthly , I’m making lots of meals to store in the freezer to save me time, energy, and money later in the month.  Since our second fridge/freezer broken down a few months ago, I wasn’t freezer cooking as much as I would have liked. One of the things I’ve recently added to my freezer cooking, is potatoes. How to freeze potatoes? It’s simple, really.


Freezing Cooking: How To Freeze Potatoes

Potatoes are filling and make a great side dish or even a main dish meal. When they’re on sale, you can get them for around $1 a bag. That’s usually around late September to mid October. And when I see a good deal, I’ll grab a bag or two. 

Since we have our second freezer, I want to be sure to take advantage of freezer cooking. I can’t tell you how many potatoes I’ve gone through in the past that were overlooked and tossed out to the compost bin because I didn’t get around to cooking them. That was before I learned about freezer cooking. I now usually buy my potatoes in the 5 lb. or 10 lb. bags because it’s cheaper and you get more potatoes for your money. So far, I haven’t had an issue with freezing potatoes. Here’s how I freeze potatoes:

Wash & Clean Potatoes

Remove potatoes from their bag and using a soft scrub brush, wash potatoes in cold water lightly scrubbing them to remove any loose dirt. Pat them dry with a paper towel.  I slice off any bad ends of the potatoes. (If baked potatoes are on the menu, I’ll leave a few in the bag without being washed and save for another night.)

Mashed Potatoes

Five pounds of mashed potatoes will usually provide my family with 5 quart size bags of mashed potatoes. That’s 5 different meals throughout the month with mashed potatoes. Today, I prepared five pounds by peeling, chopping, cooking and mashing them. My mashed potato recipe is really simple just like my grandmother’s. No fancy ingredients, just potatoes mashed with a little butter, milk, salt and pepper. I use a potato masher because I like the texture it gives to the potatoes. For a little more creaminess, I will on occasion add in about 8 ounces of  sour cream. To top them off,  I’ll add some dried parsley or chives.

Once they are mashed,  I let them cool and I divide the mashed potatoes into meal-sized portions, by scooping into quart size freezer bags, add a tablespoon of butter, zip, label and freeze. When I’m ready to serve, I thaw bag in the fridge. Once bag is defrosted, I’ll reheat on the stove until warm and butter has melted.

Baked Potatoes/Twiced Baked

Sometimes I’ll split the bag of potatoes up and make baked potatoes and turn them into twiced baked potatoes. I find they freeze much better this way, than to freeze a whole baked potato itself. I simply wash and clean as mentioned above, prick a few times with a fork (this keeps them from exploding), bake them for 45 minutes on a baking pan at 400 degrees, then remove from the oven to cool. Once cooled, I slice them in half, scoop out the inside into a bowl and prepare similar to mashed potatoes only I’ll add cheese and sometimes broccoli and bacon bits. Then scoop mashed mixture back into the potato skins and freeze.

Diced Hash Brown Potatoes

Sometimes, we like to have potatoes for breakfast. In this case, I’ll dice the baked potato and freeze in a ziploc bag until I need them. This make for a quick breakfast in the morning served with eggs, bacon or sausage. They are also great with diced peppers, onions and a little salsa.

What about you?

Have you had good success with freezing potatoes?  Any issues? What’s been your experience?



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