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My freezer cooking was off to a late start this week. We spent the beginning of last week looking for a new family car and after delibrating over what would work best for the family as a convenience, gas saver and financially affordable, we decided on joining the brotherhood of the Subaru. We had our first family outing in the new car driving down to the Bay Area to see my oldest son’s band, The Dehlingers perform. They were the closing band for the night and it was going to be an extremely long day. We packed up some sandwiches, drinks and snacks, extra clothes and began our journey. They did an amazing job performing and I was an extremely proud momma.


The journey back home, we arrived at 3am Sunday morning. I was glad it was Super Bowl Sunday which allowed me to serve quick and easy appetizers during the day and I made some Asian Spice Wraps* for dinner. As tired as I was,  I did have a little bit of energy and time to start on making acouple of freezer ingredients we often use for meals, Shredded Chicken and a simple Red Sauce that can be used for pasta or pizza. Neither of these are very difficult nor are they time-intensive. It’s just a matter of gathering the ingredients and spending a little focused time.

When I’m caught up from the weekend, I’ll post the benefits of cooking and shredding your own chicken and making sauces and breads for the week.

Asian Spice Wraps*~Recipe will be available in new e-cookbook coming out in the Spring.


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