Fitbook Fitspiration Journal

Fitbook Fitspiration Journal

The fitbook fitspiration journal by fitlosophy will keep health and wellness at the top-of-my-mind daily with inspiration + tips to live life fit.

Fitbook Fitspiration Journal

Good Morning friends! Hope you’re enjoying the morning! I myself couldn’t wait to get up this morning. Waking up, I felt inspired and excited to jump out of bed at 4am. Immediately, I couldn’t wait to start writing in my new journal I purchased at Target yesterday. I had no intention on buying this journal book but  the quote on the front cover seemed to spark my interest.

This isn’t just any journal book, it’s a Health and Wellness Journal.  The Fitbook Fitspiration Journal is something I think everyone whether you’re a beginner or advanced in your health and wellness journey should have one. It’s a great way to help keep you accountable. 

No Goal Was Met Without A Little Sweat

Fitbook Fitspiration Journal

Take a Peak

The cover of the journal is what caught my eye. It reminds me to keep moving, keep nourishing, and keep sweating and empower my mind, body, and soul. To be grateful, set goals, get inspired, think positive, and reflect daily.

Fitbook Fitspiration Journal

There’s no turning back now. I officially filled out the inside cover. 

Write it down. Make it happen.

Journal Pages

I love the daily reminders about being grateful.

Fitness Fitspiration Journal

All the awesome quotes throughout the journal really help motivate you to continue on your journey. Having this journal helps me to change my perception. Stay on track and focus on my health and fitness journey and see the positive! 

Keep Track of Your Goals and Celebrate

It truly is a great way to review your goals, did you meet your daily plan, celebrate the positives, reflect on the setbacks, and leave room for inspiration. I am a huge fan of reviewing goals as often as you can to stay on track.

We can at times,  get lost in the one day and the one scoop of ice cream or that bag of chips. Don’t lose sight of your goals. Remember that one bad meal does not change all the hard work. Reset, refocus and come back strong. 

I purchased mine at Target, but I found on the Fitlosophy website that Walgreens sometimes carries them as well. There are other journals I’d like to purchase for keeping track of my eating, weekly prep list and more. These journals seem to sell out quickly in stores so head on over to their website by clicking the pic below to get yours.

What about you? Are you logging your health and fitness journey in a journal? Get your Fitbook Journal today by clicking here!!!

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