Father’s Day Traditional Breakfast

Father’s Day Traditional Breakfast

Celebrate Dad with a Father’s Day Traditional Breakfast that’s so easy the kids can help make. Making this breakfast a fun way to get kids in the kitchen!

Have you planned out what you’re cooking for Father’s Day? Today, the kids are starting by serving papa bear a good old fashioned traditional breakfast in bed. Bacon, Country-Style Eggs Benedict and Waffles with fresh strawberries. Along with a glass of Orange and Mango juice and coffee.

Father’s Day Traditional Breakfast

If you’re looking for an inexpensive meal for Father’s Day, I picked up the ingredients for this Father’s Day Meal at Raley’s. When I was, shopping, I was looking for ingredients I knew was simple enough for the kids to work with.

Father's Day Traditional Breakfast 

Later on today, we’ll be grilling Carolina-Style BBQ Chicken, Corn, Rosemary Garlic Potatoes served with fresh homemade french bread and for dessert, ice cream sundaes.


Enjoy your day with Dad!

*I’ll post some recipes from the day when the day’s activities slow down. For more family recipe ideas, visit our family recipe book.

It’s Father’s Day weekend! What have you planned for a Father’s Day weekend that will be fun for dads and the rest of the family? Feel free to share your menu or traditional Father’s Day Breakfast below.


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