Family Table Talk: The Hour That Matters The Most

Happy Friday! This week just zipped on by! Seems like the busier we are, the faster time goes, one of the reasons why I like to have our weekly family schedule posted on the fridge along with my weekly meal plan ready. Especially with a busy weekend coming up like this one:

Tomorrow is a full day of archery and shooting for the boys, so us girls are heading to Home Depot to use our coupon for BOGO (Buy One Get One) Free Rose bushes. We’ll each pick out a rose bush and plant it somewhere in the front yard in honor of Mother’s Day. Then we’ll plant some more veggies in the garden. I’ve signed up for a few canning classes over the next two months so I’m prepared for those veggies later on. Mother’s Day we’ll be celebrating our first trip to the Berry Festival in Roseville, CA just an hour away. It should be a lot of fun!

Because our family schedules and lives can be hectic, with the next few weekly meal plans, (most likely week after next due to shipping), I’ll be sharing a very special book I just purchased with you, The Hour That Mater The Most: The Surprising Power of the Family Meal. One of my goals here when I created and started Noel’s Kitchen Tips, was to provide you with tips on meal planning that provide quick and easy weeknight recipes for your family that still allow you to stay within a reasonable grocery budget.

It has always been important for our family to cook and share a family meal together at dinner time. Like many of you, we are busy with work and every day happenings in life, especially now that the kids are older and participating in lots of activities. As kids get older, they tend to want to go out with their friends to the movies or simply just hang out, sharing meal times can be a challenge.

The book is written by Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. They share how to overcome the time starved, working mom dilemma, secrets of a healthy home, ways to engage your family in meaningful conversation, how to start a fix and freeze club, the heart of great table talk and much more!

Their insights and tips on bringing the family back to the table are common sense ideas that any family can use. From conversation starters to easy make ahead recipes. ( I’m looking forward to reading about  it all.)

For more information, you can also visit their website, The Hour That Matters Most.

Make Time. Make Dinner. Make Memories.




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