Family Table Talk: FREE Personalized Placemat!

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I spent a little bit of time researching online for some  fun and new creative family table talk ideas and thought the idea of personalized placemats was absolutely one of the best ideas for families.

KiKiCreates has some great placemat creations and I absolutely LOVE this one! —

The Story of My Day.  This will give your child the opportunity to write or draw his/her activities from the day. When mom or dad asks during dinner what they did during the day..there will be no more “I don’t know” or “nothing” answers!

Now you could print them out and have them laminated (or laminate them yourself) which I’m thinking of doing or you could have them made through InkGarden. I’ve read others are impressed with the quality of their work and nd right now you can get a FREE Placemat with coupon code: PLACEFREE(once per Ink Garden account/person)  This offer is valid through 4/30, just pay $3.99 shipping. That’s a pretty good deal!

I really like this idea, especially for younger children. Conversations at dinner time are important to a family. Dinner time seems to be the only time when people can slow down and enjoy the company of their family. This time is crucial and it is important to make the best of it with your children. Conversation starters can be a real help especially when you have other things on your mind.

Head on over to Ink Garden, choose one of their designs or upload photos and create your own!


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