Easy Baking Tip:Nothing Ever Burns

A stone heats to the exact temperature of your oven, stays there and holds the temperature evenly.  It also doesn’t reflect your ovens hot spots.  These qualities make your foods far less likely to burn.

I just love my Pampered Chef Stoneware. My Large Bar Pan gets used pretty much for just about everything from making bacon in the morning for breakfast, to grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and moist and delicious chicken breasts for dinner. The best part is those gooey, yet crisp edge chocolate chip cookies for dessert! For making smaller batches, I use my small or medium bar pan.


Pampered Chef™ Stoneware is made from natural stoneware clay. When fired at over 2000ºF temperatures, this clay produces a buff-colored stoneware that is unaffected by moisture and completely safe for use with food. After firing, each piece is hand finished, producing a one-of-a-kind creation. This is why no tow pieces of stoneware look or feel exactly alike.

Because it heats evenly and then retains that heat, stoneware produces exceptionally crisp crusts and moist interiors, promotes even baking and browning, and roasts foods to perfection.



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