Dining Out With The Kids

The family and I on occasion will dine out if we are out on a long family drive. As much as we pack the snacks, drinks and sandwiches, sometimes it’s just not enough. When selecting a restaurant, we always try to pick the “family oriented” restaurants and AppleBee’s has always been a great place to eat. They have a variety in their menu and the kids entertain themselves with the games on the kids menu. Our 10-year old’s appetite has finally moved on to the grown-ups menu. Yesterday, we decided to try a new restaurant that my older kids recommended as one of their favorites.

The Black Bear Diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. A family oriented atmosphere with Black Bear decor, log cabin tables, a  juke box playing in the background and waiters dressed like lumbar jacks. It provides a nice family oriented atmosphere with afforadable prices, so we decided to stop in for an early dinner. We were each presented with The Black Bear Gazette, a newspaper which opens up to their menu.

The kids and I had hamburgers while the hubby tried the Roadhouse BBQ Tri-tip platter. Black Bear Diner is known for it’s large portions of homemade food. Needless to say we left there with our stomachs full.


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