Demand For Food Assistance Continues To Grow








Despite the much needed rainy weather mother nature brought us this past weekend, our Great American Bake Sale was a success.  Our booth was moved inside the Nevada City Vets Hall so we were able to set up in the kitchen area. We sold coffee, hot chocolate, tea and a variety of baked goods, jams and marmalades. Approximately 10 moms contributed bakes goods and we received and a few donations from other supporters. I thank you all for your time, support and dedication to our event. We were able to raise $250 within the first couple of hours. That’s pretty good on a rainy day. More donations are being offered from fellow supporters.


We coordinated our event with the City Wide Yard Sale in Nevada City. As local residents searched for treasures and the best deals they were eager to satisfy their sweet tooth. The smell of cupcakes filled the hall. Our Aloha Obama Cookies, Piggy Pizza Pops, Cookie Pops and Carmel Corn were a big hit. It was a delightful treat to see the expressions on kids faces as they stopped by our booth.





According to the Food Bank, monthly distributions to individuals and families has risen sharply with the economic downturn. It is up by one-third in recent months. Every week they deliver 8,880 nutritious lunch snacks to the needest school children. But because of a lack of resources, just as many children who qualify for this service are being denied.


  • $25 could cover the cost of a 4 dish utensil set to serve children free after school meals.
  • $100 could buy a food carry bag to enable organizations to deliver hot and cold meals to children.
  • $500 could cover the cost for an organization to buy a new deli slicer to prepare sandwiches for 150 children.
  • $1000 could help an organization pay for a staff person to server meals at a meal site in the summer.


I want to make a difference in this this world and in my community by participating in the Great American Bake Sale. I can make a difference and affect the lives of many children right now from my own kitchen.


The Nevada County Bakers is a group of moms joining together in the fight to end Child Hunger in America and in our community. Help us by making your donation today, visit Nevada County Bakers. For more informatiopn about this event or future events, please contact Noel Chapman. Check back soon for our Nevada County Bakers Great American Cookbook.


Thanks to all who supported the Nevada County Bakers Great American Bake Sale. We look forward to working with you in the future.


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