Day 11- It’s Still My Favorite Workout

So day 11 today. Of the 21 Day Fix Extreme that is. I pushed play on the dvd. Can I just say It’s Still My Favorite Workout? I love how much harder Autumn pushes you in the Extreme Fix, and you get the little countdown on the screen, so you know you can make it 15 more seconds or 12 more minutes. I like those small mental bites. I like pushing myself to make the countdown to zero. Then start the next round. I can do this!

I am doing this in the living room of my house. Not much space but just enough to move the coffee table around out of my way and move. There is a lot of jumping, jogging, moving around. I tried to warn our cat Jasper…He got the message. He likes to watch me from a safe distance now under the dining table.

Anyway, I like to get a sweat from my face. That sounds weird but it cleans out the pores, all that stuff. If my face is working I know I am really in gear and good things are happening inside my body. I was rewarded for my time today with sweat dripping off my nose. It made me happy. I’m getting extreme.

I guess I should tell you where you can get the program or other programs to help you reach your health and fitness goals if you like what you read and are inspired to make a change in your life. We all want results, just sometimes we don’t know how to get there and need a little help. That’s alright. Go to Yes, I am a coach with Beachbody and this will take you directly into my site. That means that you will get a bonus dvd with your workout if you choose and me as your personal coach instead of being assigned to a random coach you know nothing about. You will be motivated. You will get held accountable. You will get support. You will get pushed beyond your limits. Hopefully you pick me. Whoever you are, if you are reading this I would love to meet you and take the journey with you.

Let’s face it, it is hard to stay on track by yourself! So why not join together with other people with the same goal of losing weight, getting in shape and becoming more healthy! And you make some great friendships along the way! 🙂 You will be blown away at your results!

So Let’s Do This! What are your health and fitness goals?


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