Currently October 2017 {What I’m Loving Lately}

Currently October 2017 {What I’m Loving Lately}

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has allowed us to get back into some sort of normalcy. And WOW! Can I just say we’re at the tail end of another month gone zipping by. But I have to say, Currently October, I believe has changed the lives of so many people, families and communities.  

Currently October

We had two major fires here in Nevada County following a major windstorm a few weeks ago. The Mccourtney fire and the Lobo fire. At the same time, there were fires in the Napa surrounding area and in my hometown of Santa Rosa.

In our area, we were on a voluntary evacuation and loss of power for almost two days. We had our emergency bags packed and ready to go.There are really no words that can make up for the loss so many. I can say, that when a travesty like this occurs in our community, you will see the kindness of strangers and the familial treatment of friends working together. My prayers and thoughts are with those affected by this devastation.

October What I'm Loving Lately

What I’m Loving Lately

On a another note, the temperatures have become a little cooler. I always love to see the colors of the leaves changing on the trees. It’s one of my favorite things about October, and to go along with the theme, here are some things I’m loving lately too!

According to my weather app, we now have a little rain in the forecast. Which brings me into pulling out the warmer clothes. Even though my work attire is scrubs, I try and layer with some kind of  long sleeve thermal top underneath. 

Currently Wearing and Layering Thermal and Long Sleeve Tops: I like the feel of coziness and comfort.

Currently Preparing For The Upcoming Holiday Wear: I love the style of puffy vests.

Holiday Wear

Currently Eating Home Cooked Meals That Are Quick and Easy: Like these BBQ Sloppy Joes. We love the simple weeknight meals.

BBQ Sloppy Joe Sliders

And keeping consistent with our Weekly Meal Plans. In case you missed it, here’s this week’s meal plan.

Weekly Meal Plan October 22

Currently Preparing For: Our next Disneyland trip. We are at 350 days out and I’m consistently earning those points for my gift cards to pay for our trip. I’ve been sharing our monthly savings report for Disney each month. Read about last month’s earnings in my September Disney Savings Fund Report.


And yes, I’m already getting a head start on ideas for our 2019 Family Vacation. A cruise to the Mexican Riviera!

Currently Reading: An advanced copy of Lia Huber’s Nourished. Which excitedly is now available to purchase. It’s like Eat, Pray, Love and Under the Tuscan Sun with so much more. Lia Huber shares her exciting adventures, greatest joys and biggest challenges. I highly recommend reading it. Food is more than just something that fuels our bodies, it nourishes our souls and creates wonderful memories.

Lia Huber Nourished

Thank You

Currently Grateful:

Between the storms, fires and the life’s happenings in the world today, I am grateful  and thankful more than ever of my simple and beautiful life.  You never know what tomorrow holds, so you’ve got to love today. Stay strong and have a blessed day, friends.

Have a great Friday!

What I'm Loving In October

Pick a “currently” and play along- I’d love to hear what is happening in your neck of the woods!


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