Create New Leftover Meals

Create New Leftover Meals

Create New Leftover Meals! Leftovers make for an easy dinner and save us money by reducing food waste.

Having a leftover night each week helps reduce food waste and make the most of what you have, thus saving money.

When I share my Busy Mom’s Menu Plan with my subscribers, I plan the menus with a leftover night every Saturday. We like to enjoy our Saturdays out of the house, going to the Farmer’s Market, going on a family drive, or simply spending the day at the lake. 

Create New Leftover Meals

We love leftovers and usually have no trouble using them up since we often eat them for lunch too! And just because you’re having a leftover night for dinner, doesn’t mean you have to have the same meal you had on Tuesday.

Leftovers are usually pretty quick to fix and take no time at all to get on the table.

Leftovers in refrigerator


Some ways to incorporate those leftovers into your menu:

  • You’ve heard of Taco Bar Night, right? How about having a leftover bar night? Heat the leftovers and place them on the dinner table and your family can choose which leftover to eat. Maybe it’s a little of everything.
  • Have leftover chicken or meat? Marinate and toss with some fresh veggies for a stir-fry dish. Serve a little rice as a side dish.
Don’t Waste Food!

Turn your leftovers into a great tasting new dish like the one we’re serving this week of the Busy Mom’s Menu Plan. It takes spaghetti to a whole new level.

 photo via: meal solutions

So, what did you think of this week’s leftover meal idea? Share your comments below.


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