Cooking Workshops: Kids Culinary Adventures


You know the pleasure you get from preparing and serving something that your family loves?  Children can experience the same satisfaction when they help prepare food for themselves, their friends, or the whole family.  It builds their confidence and self estem and you can get dinner done while spending quality time with them.  Just make it fun.  Kids will eat what THEY make! My daughter has always enjoyed being in the kitchen with me while I’m cooking.  Spending quality time with your children in the kitchen will be one of your child’s most treasured memories.

In fact, some professionals believe that cooking is as educational as it is exciting for children.  Helping to cook involves several valuable skills important to child development:

  • Planning a series of steps in process
  • Using mathematical skills to measure ingredients and time the cooking of foods
  • Reading and interpreting written instructions used in recipes
  • Expanding creative boundaries
  • Mastering teamwork when cooking with adults and other children

Noel’s Kitchen offers “Kids In The Kitchen” Cooking Workshops for familes, children’s classrooms, groups, and organizations.  For a small fee of $15 per child your child will receive a personalized tote with kid friendly kitchen tools and recipes to take with them. For more information, please contact Noel Chapman.


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