Cleansing My Body with the 3-Day Refresh & Clean Eating

Cleansing My Body with the 3-Day Refresh & Clean Eating

3 Day Refresh


Now that the month of January is over, it’s time to re-evaluate and give myself a little detailed evaluation!!! Lets face it, no matter how healthy we think we eat, how much we think we exercise, there is definitely always room for improvement! Everytime I challenge myself to keep track of my food, to intensify and change up my workouts I notice big jumps in my fitness, my energy level and overall how I feel each day. But, I too have those stubborn few pounds to lose and my recent weight loss efforts have plateaued for several weeks :(  

As I was waiting in the lobby of the dentist office while our poor daughter was going through the beginning of a root canal, I tuned in to a recording of my weekly “Monday mojo” call. After listening,  feeling motivated, I sat back in the chair, and decided on making a new plan, taking action and commit to doing the Beachbody 3-Day Refresh once a month to keep me and my body in check.




What is the 3-Day Refresh you ask? It is designed to give you fast, clean, and efficient weight loss. You can quickly drop a few pounds, break a bad habit and get back on track! It’s 3 shakes a day, a fiber drink, plenty of water, fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy fats so that you keep your energy and your metabolism going. It is not a juice or fasting diet but a healthy diet that is going to give your body nutrition vs starvation.

For the past five months,  I have EXCELLENT control over my diet and exercise and can pretty much know exactly what to do to lose a pound (if necessary) but these past few weeks have been KILLER for me!  I haven’t seen the scale budge AT ALL and I have been super bummed!  I figured why not give this a shot.  What did I have to lose, right?  <– Well a pound or two would be great lol 🙂 

You can read more about my 3 Day Refresh results here: —> 3 Day Refresh Results



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