My CVS Coupon Shopping~Stocking Your Pantry Savings

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Yesterday, I shared with you the beginning of my coupon adventures and how I started to get organized. After browsing through the ads from Sunday’s paper, I found a little bit of savings at CVS.  Most of you know that CVS now offers Extra Care Rewards to their customers. After checking my ECR on their website, I had $9.50 to work with. It’s not a lot to work with but it’s $9.50 of free items in the store. I had found Wisk Laundry Detergent 50 oz. on sale for $4.99, the ad stated with the manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off the customer pays $3.99. I however, had two $2 off coupons. The $1 coupon was no longer available, so I only pay $2.99 per bottle. Irish Spring Bar Soap and Soft Soap was on sale for $.88 (no limit), along with Arrowhead bottled water 24-case for $2.66. I had to make 2 separate transactions in order for my $2 off Wisk coupons to work. This is my Monday’s coupon savings:

Stocking Your Pantry Savings

First Transaction:

1 bottle Wisk laundry detergent $4.00 ($2 0ff) paid $2.99
4 pkgs of 2-pack Irish Spring bar soap $.88 each
4 bottles of softsoap $.88 each

Total paid for this transaction:$.97 (Used my $9.50 ECR)

Next transaction I purchased 3 24-case arrowhead water $2.66 each (limit 3) and another bottle of Wisk $2.99

Total paid for this transaction$14. 99, receipt said I saved $15.09. Not sure if I should have waited to buy the water, but I don’t see cases of water that cheap. Maybe now that I’m getting into couponing, I’ll see better deals. From my calculations I received a better deal for the case of water at CVS for a total of $7.98. Right now Safeway’s sale on a case of water is 3 for$10.

I am slowly working on stocking my pantry with the everyday items my family uses and goes through so quickly. Please keep in mind that the stores I am visiting are in Northern California so store prices and stores deals will differ. If you are in Northern California, I’d love your input on how using coupons works for you.

Have any coupon savings tips you’d like to share? What are some of your coupon finds for the week?

Next Up: BBQ Chicken Pizza……


Extreme Coupon Adventures:Will Coupons Work For Me?

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The other day, I was asked the question, “Do you watch Extreme Couponing on TLC?” My response was no. I had heard about the show, but hadn’t had the opportunity to see the show. I can tell you right now, before I go any further in this post this is going to be a coupon adventure for me. I’ve used coupons before at the grocery store here and there, however not as routinely as these people that are showcased in the show.

Will Coupons Work For Me?

 I made some time over the weekend, thank goodness for DVR  to watch the shows that previously aired and did some research on the web to see if couponing routinely will work for my family. I must say, I’m a little skeptical with the stores here in Northern California. We have three major grocery stores –Raley’s, Safeway, and Save Mart. I didn’t add SPD market in this category because I feel feeding a family of six, SPD prices are fairly high if you’re trying to maintain a grocery budget. And the two drug stores–CVS, Kmart and Rite-Aid. These are all stores that are within 10 minutes from us. Kroger seems to be the main grocery store that is mentioned the most on these shows along with Albertsons. If I’m hearing it right, Kroger will double coupons? This is a huge factor when it comes to saving money while using coupons. Hopefully, I can find some stores here that do the same.

Extreme Coupon Adventures

After watching the shows, I decided to give coupons another try. After all, who wouldn’t want to purchase over a $1000 worth of groceries for only $4-$8? I plan on clipping every coupon and if I find a deal on items that my family doesn’t use normally, we are going to donate the items to our local food bank or shelter for women and children. I will be using the binder method to stay organized. In Sunday’s paper were ads from Safeway, Kmart, CVS and Rite-Aid. All of these stores have some type of Rewards card which can be used to ad to my savings.

I clip my coupons and keep them organized by categories in baseball card holders with category pages.

Here are some tips I’ve used to get started:

On Sunday Buy 5 Papers

2. Buy a Binder or Folder for Organization
3. Join
4. Obtain your Weekly Shopping Circulars by Calling Promotions like RedPlum and Have Them Delivered if Your in a Major Urban Area
5. Get to Know Your Store Policies

6. Be Prepared to Spend Time Planning out Deals, and in Line at the Grocery Store.
7. Make Two Shopping Lists Every Week, One for Essentials (Matching Coupons) One for Almost Free, or Free Items.
8. Learn to do Price Comparisons Between Stores.
9. Avoid Impulse Buying.


 The most important trick: . Relax, Saving Isn’t That Hard

Next Up: What I’m saving on this week……


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