Busy Mom’s Guide To Back To School

From School Safety Tips, To School Lunch Ideas, Get Helpful Back-To-School Tips, Advice And Recipes To Start You Kid’s School Year Off Right!


Are You Ready Moms!

It’s Back To School time….are you ready, Moms? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be asking yourself, where has the summer gone? I’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing tips, recipes and helpful to-do-lists to help busy moms like you be prepared to make this another fun school year. What better way to prioritize getting ready for back to school than a simple checklist. If you start early, you can easily tackle the list a few weeks prior to school starting. 

I know just how difficult it can be at time to get your kids ready for school, making sure they have breakfast, make school lunches and even getting yourself ready for the day. As we move into the school year, over the next few weeks, I’ll share with you my energy-boosting breakfast recipes, that surely will make your kids feel ready for their day.

Busy Mom’s Guide To Back To School

We know that most children are in school for at least six hours. They are bound to get hungry after breakfast or lunch. A lot of our children tend to spend more time socializing and playing during their breaks than they do eating. To ensure your kids have a healthy and quick snack, I’ve pulled together some quick snack recipes to help give your children the energy he or she needs to participate in the classroom and concentrate on learning.

How will your child be carrying these delicious snacks? Say goodbye to the traditional paper bag lunch and trade them in for lunch boxes that are eco-friendly. In this month, you’ll learn how to quickly prepare lunch meals for your children that are healthy, affordable, easy and stay green at the same time!

And lastly, I’ll share with you some back to school safety tips to help protect your children from the most frequent kids of school-related injuries by following practical, proven tips.

Grocery Stores like Raley’s, are also offering extra savings for families like this Raley’s Kids Lunchbox. 



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Here’s to another great school year!

See you in the kitchen!

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