Build Your Pantry:Stockpiling Tips

There use to be such a thing where moms would put together a list of what was needed and go directly to the grocery store or drug store to fill their pantry with all the tings they wanted to buy. 

Today, more and more moms are building their pantry by making a list based upon what’s on sale. This way of thinking can really help us trim down our monthly grocery budgets. Sometimes, you can purchase items to keep on hand in your pantry before you need them at a reasonable  good price.

Some handy stockpiling tips:

Inventory Sheet: Always clean out your freezer, fridge and pantry to always know what you have on hand. Make sure to update the list each time you pull something out or add to it.

Create Extra Space: If your home doesn’t have a lot of that extra storage space, be creative  i.e.) long platic bins or tubs can store those bathroom toiletries. A small area in the hall closet or garage can work too.

Invest in a Full-Size Freezer or Extra Fridge: One of the best investments we did at the end of last year was put an extra fridge/freezer out in our garage. It allows me to stock up on meats and veggies when their on sale and store a lot of my make-ahead meals.

Know what staple items your family uses: It makes no sense to start creating a stockpile on items your family doesn’t use on a routine basis unless you plan to donate those items. Keep a stockpile of only items your family will use. You can start by making a list of staples your family uses and build it from that. You’ll save a lot more!


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