Bring Family To The Table:Family Dinner Project

    The connection my family and I have is better when we spend lots of good quality time with each other. So what constitutes as quality time? Questions a lot of busy parents tend to ask, “How do I spend quality time with my kids?”

Days get busy, our workday schedules pull us in all sorts of directions, and we end up losing track of time. The end result? We end up losing valuable time with our family. The things that compete with our family time is extensive. Who knew that hanging out and talking with family were critical pieces to family life.  There is no real easy way to do this, there was no high school or college courses to prepare anyone for family life, so be prepared to make sacrifices. Think about the memories you’ll be making with your children and the sacrifices will pale in comparison. Commit to your children!

I learned working full time that it wasn’t always easy juggling a career and family life. But long ago I decided to stress the important factor of family meal times. I decided this was my family’s time for each other. So I thought it befitting to express the importance of this again. Meal time together as a family can be a wonderful time of talking about the day’s events and bonding as a family. Families who eat meals together, build stronger relationships.

Family Dinner Project:

For the next 90 days, my family will share our Family Fun/Movie Night with you, I’ll post an update on this blog. I’ll share with you about our family dinner nights, and how the kids were involved. I’ll tell you about an easy meal we created and enjoyed. I’ll tell you, one thing I learned about my family that week.

I’d love for you to join me in this simple challenge.  Bring your Family back to the Dinner Table. Just keep track of how many family dinners you had together from Saturday to Friday and then post a comment on my weekly blog post. I’d love to hear what  easy meal plan  you’re family is creating and what your favorite meal was that week.  Are you up for it? Would you like to join me in bringing  family meal times back?

Coming this Friday…..Sharing Results of Week #1


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