Bergala Family Farm = Farm Life Fun!

Bergala Family Farm = Farm Life Fun!

The Bergala Family Farm is now home to 24 chickens, 3 roosters and now 6 guinea keets! Here’s the breakdown: 2 “older ladies”, Cricket and Clover are our Silkie Frizzles and they have been laying eggs for about 1 1/2 years. They lay a smaller size egg like a Grade B. The rest of the ladies Buttercup (our fair chicken), will start laying fairly soon.

Bergala Family Farms


Our roosters include Jersey, (pictured above) Rootbeer; our Silkie, and now we found out we have a Cuckoo Maran Rooster named Pierre. He doesn’t crow as much like the other two.


Yes, we have become accustomed to farm life now, raising our chickens and roosters. This life must suit us, because we are still having a ton of fun!

With us finally taking a family vacation at the end of the year, we felt it was time to expand and rebuild our chicken coop to  allow for more nesting boxes and room to roam inside a pen versus free range all the time. We’re spending quite a bit more time outdoors this summer redoing landscaping and just making everything look nice so we felt keeping the chickens and roosters in a central location was best.

Rootbeer’s morning crow

Introducing our Silkie ladies….

Snowflake, Pretzel and Gretel

Freckles our scissor beak aka crossed beak chicken….She never runs from us and always greets us happily. She’s one of the smartest ones we have. 🙂


The gang at breakfast…

Miss Fancy Pants our Gold Laced Wyandotte is very independent…

Fancy Pants

Buttercup, Custard and the girls hanging out…

Buttercup, Custard and girls

The laying ones Cricket and Clover with Root beer…

Cricket, Rootbeer and Clover

And our new additions…Guinea Keets; one week and two weeks old

Guinea Keets

One of them has feathered feet…

Guinea Keets
Guinea Keets

We find that these feeders are perfect for feeding multiple chickens.


Raising chickens never gets old. There’s always something exciting and new going on here at Bergala Family Farms. Have a great rest of your weekend!


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