BBQ Sloppy Joe Slider Recipe

BBQ Sloppy Joe Slider Recipe

This BBQ Sloppy Joe Recipe Slider Recipe is sweet and spicy and so easy to make. It’s one of my family’s favorite quick weeknight comfort foods.

BBQ Sloppy Joe Sliders

Sloppy Joes are one of the easiest and quickest meals to make for the family. Their meaty filling is versatile and can stretch to feed a crowd.Sometimes I use ground turkey and other times like for this recipe, I’ll use extra lean ground beef. It cooks up quickly and I don’t have to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen prepping and cooking. 

Right now, we are eating from the pantry, meaning we are using what we have rather than running to the grocery store wasting unnecessary gas to pick up what we need. I mention gas because has you seen the gas prices lately?! Yesterday, in town I spend $3.19 on gas. Yikes, that’s way too much. That’s why this recipe is so perfect. You can create any number of sloppy joes variations with a few twists in the sauce’s flavor. Sometimes, I’ll even add beans to make the filling stretch even further. 

We normally serve these on Hawaiian rolls, homemade hamburger buns or on sunflower poppy seed rolls which now have become my favorite.

BBQ Sloppy Joe Sliders Recipe




Sloppy Joe Onion and Sweet Pepper1. Chop onion, pepper and garlic. Set aside.

Sloppy Joe Beef

2. Brown ground beef.  Drain beef and make sure that most of the grease is out of the skillet. Return to skillet.

Sloppy Joe Onion Mix

3. Add onions and garlic to the skillet and cook for 10 minutes over medium heat

Sloppy Joe Sweet Pepper

4. Add peppers, the BBQ sauce and Grandma’s sauce and cook for another 15 minutes until most of the liquid is reduced and sauce is thick.

BBQ Sloppy Joe Sauce

5. Serve Sloppy Joe mixture on rolls.

BBQ Sloppy Joes

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There really is no limit to many different ways you can make Sloppy Joe to make it a quick fix dinner any night of the week.

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What’s YOUR favorite way to make Sloppy Joes?


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