Baleadas, Enchiladas Hondureñas and Tres Leche Cake

Baleadas, Enchiladas Hondureñas and Tres Leche Cake

Our family menu on Saturday night Baleadas, Enchiladas Hondureñas and Tres Leche Cake. Sounds good right? Our son cooked us a 3-course meal as part of his Spanish class project. This is what he chose to make. He did an excellent job I think for his first time in the kitchen almost by himself. (He had a teeny bit of help from mom. )

Baleadas, Enchiladas Hondureñas and Tres Leche Cake

Baleadas, Enchiladas Hondurenas

It takes some time to prepare and you might feel tired afterward, but with simple planning and preparation, all of the extra work put into it will be all worth it the moment you sink your teeth into the contrasting layers of deliciousness this meal has to offer.

An Authentic and Flavorful Honduran Meal

Tres Leche CakeTres Leche Cake

He made the Tres Leche Cake for dessert ahead of time.

The Baleadas were pretty simple to make. He made the pinto beans in the crockpot then used the hand mixer to smash them down to refried beans. To save some time, he used store bought tortillas.

Pinto Beans Refried Beans Plantains The plantains were fried in a little bit of coconut oil for the Enchiladas Hondureñas. And for the first time he carefully used my Santoku knife to shred the cabbage and make the sauce for the Enchiladas on the stove. The Enchiladas are what took the most time to prepare. 

Highlights From Meal Prep to Plating

Shredding Cabbage and Making Sauce for Enchiladas


The only thing I forgot to do is take a picture of the family at the table eating but we truly enjoyed the meal. So maybe next time. My focus was more on our son in the kitchen and taking pics of him for his project. It was an absolutely delicious meal and we enjoyed having a different twist of flavors to our normal way of eating Spanish/Mexican food. I think our son did have a little fun making the meal and he said he learned some tips which I think he’ll use in the future when he makes food on his own. We are very proud of him.

We’re off to San Francisco today so I don’t have a lot of time to share the recipes. But they are added to my recipe list to share in the future on their own. Next time, we’ll try and make the flour tortillas from scratch. If we get back in time, I’ll try and share the Tres Leche Cake recipe with you later this evening. Stay tuned for something different and delicious!

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