Back To School Kids Snack Ideas

Back To School Kids Snack Ideas

Today I’m sharing some of our family’s Back To School Kids Snack Ideas.  Snacks tend go very quickly at our house. Whether you’re on a road trip, school recess, in between classes, or have a break at the office, they are the perfect pick-me-up.

Back To School Planning

Our favorite snacks range from healthy to not quite as healthy. Chips and salsa can be the downfall in our house if I don’t plan ahead and make our own. This school year, for my cooking plan,  I’m making a lot of our snacks at home. If I make snacks at home, I’ll have better control over what my family’s eating. So, I’ve decided to make a bunch of snacks and freeze them.

Here are some recipes I’ll be making. Some will be for the freezer, others will last in containers on the fridge or counter. I’ve also prepped some snacks for the fridge.

Back To School Kids Snack Ideas

Other snacks I pre-purchased which are good are:

  • Rice cakes-can be topped with cheese slices, apples, cream cheese or peanut butter
  • Pretzels
  • Saltine crackers

 For the freezer, I’ll have made:

How about you? What are your family’s favorite snacks?



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