Back To School Challenge Group!

Back To School Challenge Group!

A Back to School Challenge Group with busy mom tips, healthy recipes for busy school nights, quick fix meals, and time management tips and wellness support.

Wow, can you believe it? Back to School already. I know, I know, summer is over but I’m happy to get back into a normal routine. I really don’t want summer to end, but Fall is one of my FAVORITE seasons! The leaves on our maple tree are already starting to change color and begin to fall. With school already beginning for some and others coming up this week, that’s the start of something great.

Teachers are heading back to work, kids are learning, the relaxing Summer family schedules are changing and about to get crazy with school activities, sports, PTC meetings, daycare drop-offs/pickups, etc. It kind of makes you want to pull your hair out and scream, huh?

Our 14-year old son will be starting as a freshman this year and it’s the first time out of the four kids I’ve had that I’ve had two kids in two different schools. Talk about running around. I’m already mapping out how my daily schedule will go. And then, of course, I’m hoping our son will get into some kind of activity in school. He has so many great opportunities ahead of him.

Back To School Challenge Group

So here’s my challenge or should I say the opportunity for you. So many are probably thinking right now “I don’t want to

Yep, Sometimes I feel like this! Can you relate?
Yep, Sometimes I feel like this! Can you relate?

start something new right now when my life is going to be crazy enough once school begins. I’ll be too busy.” Are you one of those people? I get it, I’m a mom. And as moms, we find it really hard at times, most times to put ourselves first. Am I right? But one thing I’ve learned being a mom is that I truly am a better person when I take a little bit of time for myself and squeeze a little “me time” in each and every day. It’s called saving my sanity.  

And being a mom, it doesn’t have to be the same time each day. But as long as I do it. So think of it this way, your schedule is going to change (for the better), you may or may not have much time to make dinner, you will be on-the-go if your kids are involved in after-school activities or 4-H and your life is just going to be BUSY!

But I ask you this, why NOT try something new and exciting? I have found it truly easier to make new changes when other changes are happening.

With creating a new routine, it will get easier for your family to adjust to those changes and get you and your family into new clean healthier and positive habits. 

Back to school Challenge: Are you in?

Back to School Challenge: Are you in?

Beginning on Monday, August 24th, I am hosting a Back to School Challenge Group!! What does that mean and entail? Well, the very first week, everyone is going to create their goals, take their measurements, and GET SUPPORT through the meal planning process. Then we will kick off the challenge! I will share with you my busy mom tips, crock pot recipes for those busy school nights, quick fix meals, and time management tips, all while providing you with 1:1 AND group support! WOW! How does that sound? 

Well, are you ready to make this change? Honestly, there is never really a PERFECT time to start. Believe me when I say that I’ve heard all the excuses in the book. I even made them. It’s tough to start during the summer time due to family vacations, picnics, frozen drinks, we’re really busy, I’ll think about it, etc.

It’s tough to start close to the holidays because well, it’s the holidays, the family is coming! It’s tough to start in the middle of the Winter because people like to resort to those “comfort foods” that aren’t necessarily healthy. It’s a never-ending cycle!! So WHY not just start NOW!!!!

Challenge Group Requirements

What are the requirements? 

  1. First and foremost, all my groups are absolutely FREE to anyone who wants a fresh start for health. Accountability and Support and just loving support & helpful tips, guides and recipes as we each find our way of making the choices that help us feel our BEST!
  2. Secondly, we need to get you hooked up with a program and Shakeology! We can discuss what your goals are and what you prefer as far as workouts go, then I will match you up with some options where you will ultimately choose. Right now, Shaun T’s newest program, CIZE is super popular!!
  3. If you like to dance, then this may be for you! Of course, the 21 Day Fix is another extremely popular one too! As for the Shakeology, you can decide after the group is over whether or not you would like to continue. There is no pressure and no strings attached if you choose to cancel.

That’s it!!! Easy peasy!! So, what do you say???? 

If you would like more info please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!



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