Are You a 10 in the Kitchen?

My approach to meal preparation is meant to be flexible. I tell moms and dads that I talked with, you can use it all the time or some of the time. Adapt it to your own situation. You can use it to prepare your family’s favorite dishes as well as my recipes. Once you get the hang of meal planning, you can make it your own.

Are You a 10 in the Kitchen?

First, let’s see how organized you already are. The solution to every mom and dad’s dinner syndrome is organization. Most people’s question is, how to organize?  How to be a good cook and an efficient one? How can we enjoy our family mealtime? If every one of us could get around organization, we’d be set. But we all know when we’re busy, organization can be hard. Think of someone who goes around helping people organize their financial records or builds a a closet with more shelfs or drawers so that clothes, shoes and other items are stored where you can easily find that white shirt you were looking for or your favorite pair of shoes.

Perhaps what I am offering busy moms, dads and their families is the culinary equivalent–an efficient and easier approach to meal preparation so that you don’t have to figure it out for yourself.

Try this quiz and rate yourself.

Answer the following questions yes or no. The correct answers and a key for scoring can be found below.

  1. Are your appliances, both small and large located conveniently?
  2. Do you sometimes prepare dinner in a haphazard fashion-for example, fixing vegetables before putting the meat on or setting the table partially and then going back to cooking?
  3. Do you keep basics like chopped onion in the freezer ready for use when you’re cooking?
  4. When you make a casserole, do you make only enough for one meal?
  5. Do you have to stand on your head or chair or crawl into a cupboard to read things you use in cooking?
  6. Are your recipes readily available and readable?
  7. Are you always running to the store for something you forgot to buy?
  8.  Do you running to the store more than twice a week other than for bread and milk?
  9. Do you fix several complicated dishes for one meal?
  10. Do you spend most of a meal running in and out of the kitchen while the rest of the family is eating? 

Score yourself on the quiz:Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer.

If your score is:

10: Perfect! You’ll have an easy time adapting to my approach.

6-9: You’ve got the basic idea, but you’re not practicing it enough.

3-5: You’ve made a small beginning; try to extend it.

0-3: It’s time for you to get organized. You’re wasting precious time and energy in the kitchen when you could be enjoying your family.

 Here are the correct answers:

1. Yes  2. No  3. Yes  4. No  5. No  6. Yes  7. No  8. No  9. No  10. No

How did you do? Please share in the comment section below.


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