Annual Spring Home and Garden Show

Annual Spring Home and Garden Show

Our family outing visiting our local Annual Spring Home and Garden Show. It’s full of inspiration and ideas covering every part of our home and garden.

Annual Spring Home and Garden Show

The Union’s 28th Annual Spring Home and Garden Show was a huge success this past weekend. Vendors from all over displayed Home and Garden tips and provided resourceful information for homeowners as well as giving ideas to those who are thinking of buying a home.

Visitors were able to purchase flowers and plants from the local nurseries, and lots of hand-made garden decor. 

Feed Store Vendors provided a lot of information and displays on how you can raise your own chickens and what different types of coops you can make for them. It certainly gave me some ideas on how to make ours even better.


A Fun Family Event

It was a fun, family community event. The kids were able to stop by the Hardware and Lumbar booth and make bird houses. They not only got to take the birdhouse home but were taught how to build something.


Our Kitchen Booth was in the crafter’s section.  We displayed all of the new Spring/Summer Kitchen Products at our Pampered Chef Booth.  This gave visitors to our booth a chance to learn about how they can make cooking a FUN experience in the kitchen.

We passed out affordable meal recipes, catalogs and informed people how they can utilize our kitchen products and make their meals in less than 29 minutes.

Annual Spring Home and Garden Show

It was a fun event and a chance for me to meet new people looking for ways they can improve their methods in the kitchen and offer some affordable meal solutions.


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