Noel’s Kitchen Tips shares delicious budget-friendly family recipes, practical tools, tips and life-giving encouragement that will inspire you to get healthy for life!


A Special Note From Noel:

Welcome to Noel’s Kitchen Tips! You will not only find wholesome, delicious budget-friendly family recipes. You will find support, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your journey to get fit and healthy for life.  

My everyday philosophy

I personally see your health and nutrition along with fitness as a training platform that can improve all areas of your life. Self-confidence grows when personal achievements are made.

Health and Fitness but most importantly One’s Self Love of your body is a part of your everyday health and wellness regime.

Working on yourself, therefore, in turn, allows you to develop yourself in all areas of life. Seeing that transformation, the physical outlet. This adds a third dimension that can drastically change a person’s enjoyment of life. Joy and self-confidence quickly follow.  Such as wonderful feeling to share with others.

What excites me the most is witnessing when I see others reach new levels in their journey.  We should all value ourselves and our bodies. 

Food is so much more than just something we use to fuel our bodies. It’s a blend of those memories created. Emotions, feelings, and needs that it brings when sharing with others.

Health and Wellness

Physical transformation, self-discipline, commitment, determination, and the ability to cope with the challenge of your goals. These are just some of the skills that you develop. 

A favorites part of what I do is here is share my journey with others. To teach and hopefully inspire them.

My blog is a place where you will learn how to make easy healthy meals for your family. A place to receive practical encouragement to nourish both your body and your soul.

Noel’s Kitchen Tips celebrates the little simple pleasures in life.  From learning to live a healthy lifestyle as a family to grow your own food. Creating those wonderful budget-friendly family recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Joy In The Kitchen

There’s an enjoyment fixing a healthy home cooked meal for my family and friends. Not to mention the love of the aromas, the taste, and the different textures of foods. There’s truly a joy that comes using my imagination in finding new healthy ways to cook. 

I’m a Lifestyle Wellness Coach

After years of struggling to stay motivated to exercise and stay active, I finally found my freedom. By learning how to make better food choices and being active, I started to make my health a priority.

Health goes FAR beyond the number on the scale. With the goal of getting physically healthier, being part of an accountability group helps strengthen bonds between you and others who share in your journey.

Have a passion for helping others?

If you have considered becoming a LifeStyle Wellness coach yourself please contact me. Passionate as I am about family, nutrition, fitness, I enjoy supporting others in reaching their health & fitness goals.

In supporting you, I hope to help you fit in daily exercise, make a few tasty and nutritious meals each week and set the example of a healthy lifestyle that is important to you and your loved ones.


Remember You Are Not Alone In The Journey:

YES, new things are scary…..but scary is also exciting! You are capable of so much. I am here to help prove that to you! 

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