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When I read my e-mail from FoodBuzz about Project Food Blog competition, I thought what a great opportunity to share my food experiences and passion for cooking with so many other wonderful food bloggers. I feel like my blog has grown so much in the past year and a half. These past few weeks I have been honored with so many wonderful opportunities, starting off with submitting a recipe for Raley’s Something Extra Holiday-Edition Magazine to having one of my recipes featured in a 21-day healthy eating cookbook due out early next year and now an exciting Food Blog competition! I see this competition as a way for not only my blog to grow, but myself as well. It’s truly an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

The History Of My Blog: 


(That’s me in the middle at my first Pampered Chef National Conference in July 2008)

I began Noel’s Kitchen Tips.com in January 2009 after a year of working as an Independent Kitchen Consultant with a well-known company, The Pampered Chef.  A few nights a week and occasionally on the weekends, I would be invited into people’s homes to share with them easy recipes for family meal times and for entertaining friends and family. I also had the opportunity to show them how the right kitchen tools can make being in the kitchen not only a wonderful experience for the whole family but quick and easy. I enjoyed cooking and sharing recipes with others so much that I wanted to share my personal experiences in the kitchen as a busy mom.

So after about 4 months of research and self-training, I created my blog. I share with you some of my comfort foods that I remember as a child eating with my family and some new ones that will make your time in the kitchen a memorable experience for your family. 

A Real Mom’s Kitchen: A Little About Me-Noel

I have always been a mother who has worked outside of the home since the birth of my first child in 1992. I was faced with the day-to-day challenges of working full-time, taking care of a family, and trying to figure out what’s for dinner each and every night.  As a full-time working mother with four beautiful children, I know what it’s like to be a busy mom wondering what meal to make my family each night, searching aimlessly through cookbooks and on the internet for quick easy meal solutions.

As a Busy Mom, there are always lots of things we have to accomplish each and every day while still trying to provide our family with healthy meals.  To solve the quick mealtime challenge, I started meal planning and focusing on quick and budget-friendly meals.

My passion has always been to cook and experiment with food and trying recipes in many different ways. As a child, growing up raised by a Romanian grandmother, I learned to cook by helping and fondly observing my grandmother in the kitchen. My grandmother worked hard and was a single mom raising her daughters and her grandchildren. She still made time to gather everyone at the table for a family meal. Making family meals together has always been a tradition in my family.

What sets me apart from everyone else? Sure, there are many other moms out there trying to find and create easy meal solutions, but to me it’s more than that. It’s that feeling you get inside of togetherness, sharing laughter, friendship and love with your family and those you love.

Family meal times are more than just food. They are also about relationships and feelings; a time to communicate. Since family meal times are such an important part of your family’s lives, your children will remember when they get older how important those family meals can be, learning to make the recipes and passing on that tradition for years to come.

I feel blessed to be able to have such a wonderful family, to be learning how to save money, trying to make the most out of life, and doing the “cooking” once a week or month so I can enjoy more time with my family!

 Chit Chat and Cooking:

One thing I really believe is that cooking can be hard at times when your’re trying to manage life, family and work. It’s not so easy all the time. One of the things I do to make it easier for myself is having a few really good simple ingredients on hand that I can change the ingredients throughout the week to create a variety of wonderful dishes.

Cooking is one of the most delightful, creative experiences anyone can have. The most knowledgeable cook does not try to keep in her head all the recipes she likes to make. She may in fact, cook a good deal by instinct, as her grandmother did. As a busy mom in today’s world we often overlook how easy it was to create a simple meal for our family.

The meals we create for our family does not have to look fancy or contain a lot of expensive ingredients. A meal can be created with simple ingredients, a little bit of passion and a love for remembering how our parents or grandparents made those great comforting foods.

Some of my favorite simple family meals:

California Tostadas
Mexicali Salad
Chicken Stir-Fry With Veggies
Triple Layer Brownies

I’m SUPER excited and the voting starts September 20th, so be sure and check out my profile if you want to know more about me and my passion for cooking.

See you in the kitchen!


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