6 Tips For Getting Dinner On The Table Faster

Here are some time saving strategies for busy moms getting dinner on the table FAST.

6 Tips For Getting Dinner On The Table Faster

Prep in the P.M.

  • Marinating your meats and chopping your veggies the night before means dinner is on the table 20 minutes sooner the next evening.

Shop Smart

  • Don’t have time to chop those veggies or wash those greens? Pick up pre-cut vegetables and salad mix from your produce department

Saute’ for Speed

  • Look for thin cuts of chicken, fish and meat-Serve with roasted potatoes and a green salad for a fast, satisfying meal!

Stock your Pantry

  • Always have a good supply of your basic pantry items like honey, ketchup, soy sauce, rice and chicken broth. It’s just amazing what you can whip up with just a few ingredients.

Freeze for Future Meals

  • Put together a meal on Saturday or Sunday when you have a little more time. Prior to cooking step, Freeze, then thaw the night before you plan to serve.

Make more than one Meal

  • If you’re making up one meatloaf or chicken, it’s just as easy to make two. just double your ingredients and bake both. Place the second one in the refrigerator for a couple of days or freeze for later.


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