The Reasons Why We Love Life Lately

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Life Life Now

Happy Monday Everyone! Wow…I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a month. Yikes! I think it’s taken me until recently to find my groove with being back to work outside of the home and earning a solid income we can depend on. Which, is one of the reasons why we love life lately. I feel I haven’t done just a random catch up lately, so let’s chat!

Grocery Shopping

The Reasons Why We Love Life Lately

I realized I’m more grocery store dependent than I ever thought. I did last week’s shopping at Raley’s and though I’m a huge Raley’s fan, it was hard to find the right deals with what our family budget is right now and exactly the quantity in what I need price wise to stock our fridge. Not a knock to their new layout, just a nod to my comfort level at Walmart for its consistency in finding everything I need in a timely fashion.

I am feeling more curious about switching up grocery stores to try and stick with the bulk shopping to stores like Smart n Final vs weekly shopping at Raley’s to compare prices/bills/quality and may do a month where I switch locations every other week. We are in a no extra spend month this month and next month as we prepare for our Spring Family Vacation.

Lately, These are the kinds of things that sadly excite me.

That and realizing my hair always looks better the day after I wash it/want it to look good. And yes, let’s not talk about those grey hairs I can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard I try. But at 45, I’m not one of those woman who really care about my age, just want to enjoy life and my family. Anyone else love their hair so much more when it’s a day or two dirty? 

Noel Chapman

Family Vacation

There are lots of new goals written for our family this year. One of them as always, is to make sure we make the time for our annual family vacation.

We’ve never been ones who go out and splurge every holiday, birthday, etc. But we do like to plan and celebrate our accomplishments, family time and all our hard work during one big week of the year. Some of you know that in the past, I’ve planned, couponed and earned gift cards to pay for our family vacations, birthdays and even Christmas since 2011.

I have continued to work on this goal each year since and it has allowed me to pay for another trip for our family during Spring Break this year. It just takes some consistency, planning and determination. We had originally planned our trip for this New Year holiday but decided to postpone our trip so we could take our niece and nephew with us. This will truly be a super special trip and I’m excited that they will be joining us.

We are going back to celebrate at Disney; it’s such a magical place for families and I absolutely can’t complain about another free vacation for a family of six. The days are counting down. I created the above photo at the beginning of the year, so our countdown now is only 61 days and I’ve already been working on our packing check list and getting suitcases ready.

Life Life Now

In other news, I’ve gone back to my Erin Condren Life Planner. I decided to stick with the horizontal version since my writing is larger and more bubbly. I’m happy that I made the decision to go back to my #erincondrenlifeplanner to visually help me stay on track and be organized. Priorities are what you MAKE – not find – the time for. Energy always follows priority. If you’re not doing it, it’s not important to you. The activities you spent your time on were the things that were important to you. Period. No room for bulls**t there. Calendars don’t lie.

February Meal Planning Favorites

Sticking with the planner, also helps me jot down ideas for our meal plan each month.

And it’s helped with my morning inspiration each day. 

It’s my firm belief that even when it seems like everything’s going wrong in your life, there is always, always, ALWAYS something that’s going right. You owe it to yourself to find out what that is and bring it into your awareness.

There is no someday, there is only today. Don’t let your happiness depend on when you have, and if you do this or that, or get this or that, and feel this way or that way. 

Should you simply decide to be happy, choose to be happy, that is all you ever need to start.

The happiest people aren’t the ones with the most money, things, friends, power, attention, health or even love. Neither are they always the ones with the least. The happiest people are the ones who practice gratitude and focus on loving life consistently (along with having goals and making progress towards them).

I do a #Morning Inspiration on the Noel Chapman Health & Lifestyle facebook page each day. The idea behind this is simple – think about the day or week that has gone by and find something to be grateful for and appreciate. Because the more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you find to love life.

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