Everyday Is A New Day To Make Positive New Choices

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What do you want out of your life? If you think about it, everyday is a new day to make positive new choices. Every day is an opportunity to not just adjust our ATTITUDE but our LIVES.  And with those positive new choices comes new goals.

August Goals

Everyday Is A New Day To Make Positive New Choices

Over the past few years, I’ve started setting goals for myself. Thanks to my family and accountability partner who’s enjoying a fun road trip to Sturgis this past week, I’ve set goals to work towards and tried to stick with each task to complete that goal. I started setting weekly goals along with monthly goals. Some days, I admit are easier than others and I have had to take a step back and rethink my approach to many of those goals but for the most part, I haven’t given up.  

One of my goals for the month of August to is complete my blogging goal of writing a post at least three times a week if not daily without missing any days/or week.  Some days are great for coming up with enough time to even just write one sentence but other days, it just flows.  I also want to continue my daily postings on Instagram a minimum of two-three times a day.  I’ve received a lot of feedback and great reaction from Instagram.  I would also like to broaden my daily broadcasts on Snapchat or try Instagram’s new video chat to tie in some of my blog posts and introduce more people to the redefined Noel’s Kitchen Tips. It’s not all just recipes and kitchen tips.

Name Your Day



Another goal is to stick with my  new”tri-morning routine” as I’ve grown to call it.  First thing in the morning,  I take time for a  little reading for personal development,  meditation, and morning exercise (workout and/or walk-my tri-morning routine). I just re-signed up my Beachbody On Demand to try out Autumn Calabrese’s New Country Heat.  No need for cowboy boots tennis shoes will work just fine. Stay tuned for my daily updates.  

Another part of my morning is I make my morning smoothie/shakeo then part of my morning meditation is to refer to my planner each morning and #NAMEYOURDAY.

While searching for the right photograph to go along with my morning motivation post on Facebook,  I stumbled upon #NameYourDay Motivation.  I was intrigued as I was reading how naming your day helps others  focus on their day and helps them stay positive throughout the day. So I thought, what an amazing idea! – to really look at what you have ahead of you for the day/week and create a focus to help you stay focused and reach through to your goals. To make it more fun, I’m using my polaroid zip to add pictures and quotes.


Think about the potential power you give to yourself by putting an identity to each day – by naming it. Then you only have to live up to the name you assigned the day. Think o f the name as a goal and you just need to find the path that makes your day everything you planned for it.

Calm and Focused

For example, today, I named my day today as “Calm and Focused“. I started my day off pretty tired from a restless night of sleep,  but with my tri-morning routine, and a healthy chocolate smoothie, all I had to do was stay calm and focused on that healthy eating habit trajectory, which included making healthy eating a priority without skipping meals because I was too tired to eat. I did and it was easy. I also was able to complete my blogging goal. 

Do you set monthly goals? If so, what is your goal or goals for the month of August? 

Have a fabulous evening!

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