My Crazy Posting Schedule

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I’m not even going to pretend that anyone asked me why I’ve been posting less often and why my crazy posting schedule is so sporadic.

Since summer began, I’ve been figuring out what my rhythm feels right for our days and weeks. Along with that has come some changes in the way I blog and do social media. Like I’ve always said, this big  piece of the internet is a sacred outlet for me, so leaving it behind is never an option for me. However, figuring out how to best manage my passion for this space while still fulfilling my other duties/callings (being with my family/staying home with the kids/keeping in touch with my challenge groups/trying to keep the house in some semblance of order

My Crazy Posting Schedule 

I’m already getting too wordy as usual, so let’s cut right down to the chase. I’m going to start disciplining myself to blogging 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Why? Much thought (and needless anxiety… because again, no one noticed, right?) has gone into it and here are my thoughts:!

1: My priority first and foremost is my family. I don’t want to just be the one to make them breakfast or dinner. I want to be the one to sit down and eat it with them, hear about their funny dreams and plan the day- not check my phone or worry about scrolling through social media at the counter while they eat at the table. The kids are older now. Dante has become quite the high school social bird and is always making plans with friends, and Sierra will usually sleep in till doomsday then visit her friend Abby for a day or two or vice versa, so spending that quality time with them is crucial. But other than that, my days are filled with health, nutrition, fitness, personal development, prepping and making meals, assisting those in need (I’m now working as an IHSS (In Home Support Services) Care Provider so I can continue to stay somewhat in the medical field), chores and other forms of being mom/wife/household CEO (

Kids and I

2: When I blog I want to chat with you guys about real stuff. I’m talking quality over quantity. I certainly want to (and will continue to) share our daily life, but I also want time to tackle the longgggg list of topics I feel drawn to write about: parenting, farming, health and fitness, my own health and fitness journey,  finding meaning outside of being mom, planning for future goals, feeding a marriage, etc.  Those posts take time to construct. Plus I want to allow time for me to read and digest your responses. I don’t know if y’all realize how much I enjoy the engagement with you via the comments and social media.

Speaking of social media, I’m truly on it! Well, at least the majority of it. And I’d love for you to join me and engage with me on platforms that interest you.


Here’s a quick breakdown of how I now use social media:

Snapchat: Oh my, how I love me some snapchat. I’m still a newbie and learning the ins and outs of it but I’m using snapchat as a portal into our everyday lives. What I’m hoping to do is share what we are up to, silly faces, our organic farm life, what we’re eating, things I am trying/loving or simply what I’m looking at. It’s kind of fun to say the least, which is why I love it.

Instagram: I still have a strong affection for the gram as well. I post a lot of our meals over there. I’d say about 50% of my pictures are food. The rest is a mixture of inspiration and little snaps of my health and fitness journey I also share occasional pictures of the kids/our farm life, travels/etc.

Facebook: Such a fabulous, easy, everyday  way to interact and I love getting comments on posts I share because it’s so easy to respond. I also share content I’ve written in the past that is pertinent and recipes I love and older ones I’m re-vamping into cleaner versions.  I share posts from others that resonate with me as well as other tidbits, tips or quotes.

Twitter: I share my current posts, posts from others that I really love, and I check it daily to respond back to any messages/inquiries I get. However, for the sake of transparency, I don’t have the time I used to to follow conversations closely and login multiple times a day.

Newsletter — this is fairly new! And I’m psyched about it! Thus the excessive !!!’s. Along with getting new posts sent right to your inbox, I’ll be writing a personal newsletter each week once I get my ideas into place. But for right now, bi-weekly.  I’m hoping to make it an extension of the blog, sharing behind the scenes talk and pictures, links to content that is worth sharing, recipes and more. If you’d like to subscribe to the weekly newsletter, fill out the form on the right side of the blog! —->>>>>>>>>

The only constant in life is change, right? So maybe things will change again at some point. However, right now this feels like a good balance. I know how busy your lives are so I can’t say thank you enough for continuing to follow along and engage with me in this space.

If you have topics you’d love to see appear here on the blog, please leave them in the comments!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend (holiday weekend if you are in the US!). We have  a family BBQ planned and today I’m helping a friend prepare a Romanian lamb dis and I couldn’t be more excited to just spend time with the family,, sip some wine, splash in the river or pool,  and maybe even catch some fireworks. HAPPY WEEKEND!



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