Learning and Growing Each Day



Peaceful Mornings

Despite the numerous life changing events I have experienced in the past year, I find that I am always learning and growing each day as an individual.  My days typically begin around 5am but for some reason , it’s now approximately 6:30am and I’m still laying in bed. I’ve been woken up in the wee morning hours by the sounds of the birds outside our bedroom window chirping away and chatting back and forth to one another. Which basically means, I must be overdue to get my ass out of bed.

If only I knew what they were truly saying to me. 🙂 But I can honestly say that it is a peaceful tune much more than that of an alarm clark.

As I make my way down the hall through to the living room and into the kitchen to make my morning coffee, I stop for a moment and open the door to the backyard and walk out into the fresh morning air. The air  seems to feel slightly cooler this morning, which has been a blessing to the triple digits we’ve been having for the past four days. 

I pause and take in for a brief moment listening to the sounds of the birds in the trees, the pecking and  rustling of our chickens in their coop awaiting to be let out and  as I look down at my feet, I hear the purring of one of our cats greeting me with its meows.  I’m reminded again why it is that we love living here in the sierra foothills.

Learning and Growing Each Day

It’s a new month to achieve new goals!

Hello July

I posted this on my Facebook page this morning for accountability. It’s time for me to kick it up a notch. I haven’t accomplished all the goals that were on my list to complete by the end of June. There have been a few setbacks which have occurred and I needed to make a few adjustments.  

But that doesn’t make me a failure. 1) I haven’t quit or tossed in the towel and 2) I’ve maintained. ☺ But…it’s July, a new month  with a new perspective and I want to lose another 10-15 pounds this month. It’s time to suck it up, push harder , throw away any excuses , and get s**t done!

Progress Each and Every Day

Which brings me to another topic. My blog. I used to be so consistent with my postings. So why am I not posting? I mean, I have so much to share, so much to write, so much stored up inside of my soul and I just don’t allow myself the time to consistently sit down and write. But that’s about to change starting today. Because, a little progress each and every day adds up to BIG results.

 I want my blog to be a place where women and moms like me can go to grow and learn from the reality of a mom’s everyday journey from not just health and fitness but life, family, food and everything else in between. Perhaps some may not read or care or like it? But who cares. As long as SOMEONE grabs SOMETHING from it and gets inspired from it. It occurred to me, the other night, it’s time to really pay it forward and share with you all! 

Progress Each Day

So July, I’m coming for you. Will you join me in this journey? I hope so. 

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