My First Tough Mudder Experience

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Tough Mudder Tahoe 2016

Hi Friends! I finally sat down and have a chance to share My First Tough Mudder Experience and do a little catching up. Pictures from that weekend are still rolling in from everyone but I think for the most part, I can share what an epic weekend I had! First off, let me start off by saying that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE should experience a Tough Mudder at least once in their lifetime. I challenged some of the fears that I had accepted for so long growing up and did some things athletically that I had never in my life done before. I, at 44 years old, completed the Tough Mudder exactly one week ago. Since then I have been going over my thoughts and comments about what I want to say to my readers about it. So here it goes.

Noel and Penny

My First Tough Mudder Experience

TM Tahoe

I had such an amazing experience and I’m actually training for my next one. Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit.  I started off by volunteering the Thursday before the event to get the discount on my ticket purchase. Tickets cost anywhere from $90-$155. But this momma, would rather put in a day or two of hard work and pay only $20.

TM Tahoe1

So my first day volunteering, I met up with the volunteer coordinator Katie and we set up the volunteer station putting up signs, laying out T-shirts and hats as well as setting up tables and unloading and carrying a pallet and a half of bottled water. Once we finished there, we hopped back in the gator and headed up the hill to the start/finish line where we marked and put up the flag banners mapping the direction spectators and those participating should go. The pictures below is from after the event on Saturday but the only time we could sneak in a pic with Katie. 


My plans changed for the weekend and instead of just going up on Sunday to participate in the event, I went up with my friend Penny and her man Monty (also pictured above) on Friday. So I got another chance to volunteer on Saturday, the first day of the event. Even though Monty and I weren’t signed up for Saturday to volunteer, they could always use the help so we got to help run the event. We helped write the runners numbers on the participants and then later on, handed up their post race goodie bags + t-shirts and headbands.

It was great getting to help other fellow mudders and also get a sense of what I would be taking on that next day. I was also able to see everyone go through Electroshock Therapy at the Finish Line which was definitely an interesting time. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll see the video of me going through it with a new friend I made. Since we had gone up the Thursday before to volunteer, I was able to see how Electroshock Therapy was built.

Electroshock Therapy Tough Mudder

Before going to bed on Saturday,  I had my clothes laid out and my bag packed for the Tough Mudder. I didn’t want to be rushing around that next morning and possibly run late or even just a little behind schedule. One less thing I had to think about on the day of the event.

Tough Mudder Clothes

The day of the event, I was ready. I was ready to challenge myself and do whatever I could to make it the whole way. Here we all are at the starting line:

Tough Mudder Starting Line

And here’s that first hill at the starting line…It doesn’t look too bad but oh it’s a doozy.

Tough Mudder Start Hill

And since it was my friend Penny’s 10th Tough Mudder, she carried a flag and a 30-pound rucksack. Talk about a tough mudder.

Tough Mudder Start Hill Penny

I was nursing that blister on my right heel with moleskin and other Dr. Scholl bandages so I wasn’t so sure about getting wet and muddy in the beginning. It wasn’t as bad as I was trying to tell myself before I jumped in. I made it over the muddy humps. And it was a thrilling accomplishment.  This is where the true teamwork comes in. Complete strangers and team members work together. No one gets left behind.  

Tough Mudder Mud Mile 2.0

 The race took us around four hours to complete. We all went as a team and walked the 10+ mile course. Towards the end, I was getting a little tired but felt great and my heel was still in good shape.

Tough Mudder Course Time

 The first picture at the top of this post is my aftershot from going through Electroshock Therapy (EST), that’s where I got the muddiest. But it was a thrilling experience. Getting shocked by 10,000 volts. All I can say is WOW! 

Later on, we  met up with other friends and team members in the courtyard for a beer. My first thought after finishing the race was, where can I get my beer at?! ? Yes, at the very end, you’re rewarded with a nice cold well deserved beer.  We hung out for around 30 or so minutes post race before heading back home home. Other than being a little cold and muddy and the overall worn out feeling I had I felt great. I had just accomplished a long term goal I  have had for the past few years as I had seen pictures of my friend Penny posting her Tough Mudder accomplishments. I honestly don’t know why I hadn’t participated sooner.

There’s so many more pics to share of this awesome event and My First tough Mudder Experience and within the next week or two I plan on writing  few more posts with more specifics on the obstacles, how I plan to prepare for them, and items to bring. Thanks for reading and  I’d love to hear if anyone else has completed a Tough Mudder!

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