Happiness Is An Inside Job

Happiness Is An Inside Job. People can seemingly have it all, yet not really be happy at all. Happiness is something that we all fight to have, and we must cultivate it in our lives. Sure, your level of happiness may greatly increase if everything’s going your way, but being truly happy means knowing and being confident in who you are. It means being true to you. The feeling of happiness is the result of being present with ourselves, with Spirit, with others and with nature. Happiness is the result of being loving and compassionate with ourselves — taking loving care of our own feelings and needs in the moment. Happiness is the result of sharing love with others — with people and with animals. Happiness is the result of being in the moment and experiencing the beauty of a flower, a tree, the clouds or a sunset. Happiness is being in gratitude for what you are and the sacred privilege of evolving your soul in love, rather than focusing on what you don’t have.

Happiness Is An Inside Job

Happiness Is An Inside Job

My vibe attracts my tribe. What’s my vibe? Who’s in my tribe? Let me tell you … I am such a passionate and focused person when I do what I love! My vibe is unique and individual and growing in personal development. I am so thankful and I discovered my gifts when … I decided to change my intention to that of happiness and health. It has purified the tribe I am with. With a clearer understanding of what I want and how I want to live my life I find that I am attracting happier and healthier people back into my tribe. My tribe consist of the beautiful forty something moms and other women who are empowered, healthy, nurturing, and strong! #GetGutsy #TribeBuildingChallengeDay1

Happiness is not something that happens to you. It is something you choose or don’t choose each and every moment. Today, choose to be aware of what you are attaching your happiness to, and consciously limit the thoughts about what you believe you need externally to be happy. Choose to move into love and compassion for yourself and others and gratitude for what you are and discover your happiness in this present moment.

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