Motivation Is What Gets You Started

Motivation is by far the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle. But motivation is what gets you started. Everyone needs something to push them to keep going. Because once you’ve made it to your goal, what is going to stop you from backtracking, other than your motivation? I’m so much better than I was, and I don’t ever want to go back where I started, so I have to keep going. But when I think back at what motivated me before I reached my goal, I think of several things that have helped me through this enduring process. Yes, enduring. I’m not going to lie I think about stopping all the time. Just going back to my old ways when it gets “too hard.” But then I think about how miserable I was, and I quickly get back to working out and walking long distance.

Habit is what keeps you going

Motivation Is What Gets You Started

What helped me to keep going, when I wanted nothing more than to give up. I really hate those words- give up. Nothing sounds more pathetic than, “I gave up.” I don’t want you guys to start on your quest, get half way there and give up because it was “too hard.” I want a healthy lifestyle to be embedded so deeply into your life that you have no choice than to keep going. What better way is there to keep you motivated than seeing change in your body? Start thinking to yourself- you are not trying to reach a goal. You are trying to change your lifestyle.

build up endurance

The journey to a healthier lifestyle is not just a short mile you run or walk, and then take a break. It is suppose to become just part of your life. We are never suppose to stop. And that is the real secret to success.

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