Making The Most Of My Daylight Savings Time

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Hi friends! I hope your enjoying your week so far. We’re almost to the weekend. The last few days, I have been making the most of my daylight savings time transition. Instead of waking up at 5am, I’m automatically waking up at 4am. Not sure why this is happening considering it’s like technically getting up at 3am but I’m finding a lot of inspiration that early in the morning. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I’m not waking up feeling tired and my body just refuses to fall back to sleep. So rather than toss and turn for an hour, I just simply get up.

Making The Most Of My Daylight Savings Time

For the past weeks weeks, we’ve had a lot going on here at home with cleaning and maintenance on the house and I haven’t really had a moment to stop and think about anything else. That’s why I love my planner and daily journal book. My planner has been helpful in keeping me accountable for all the normal everyday tasks like cleaning, repairs, bills, family moments, appointments and the things I’m inspired to blog about. I usually work on this on Sundays and just take 10 minutes each morning jotting down any reminders or other things as they come up.

Capturing Those Family Moments

Family Moments

Since I started using my planner, I’ve found a new way to capture those family moments or anything special or accomplishments that’s happened during my week. I read great reviews about the Polaroid Zip over the past few weeks, I decided to get one. It’s such an awesome little device! It’s a mobile printer that prints up any photo from your phone. I can’t wait to start making collages with it. Capturing memories has come along way from scrapbooking.

Healthy Meal Ideas

Yesterday, I found use for one of my last note pages section in my planner. HEALTHY MEAL IDEAS my family enjoys! I ordered my #fitbook fitness + nutrition journal a couple days ago and I’m planning on referencing these healthy meal ideas to stay on track with my health and fitness goals. Here’s a peek at what I came up with:

Healthy Meal Planning

I added a few stickers to make it fun. If you’ll notice, a lot of these main dishes can be crock pot meals. Win-Win in my book.  Plus, I’ll be sharing some of the recipes on my recipes page.

Daily Journaling and Reflecting On My Day

I’m really enjoying journaling just as my day is ending and I’m ready to unwind for the evening. My daily journal book allows me to reflect on my day, what I’m grateful for, my goal to live life fit that day and the one thing I love is it allows me to stop and really think about the one thing I appreciate about my strong bod. A number on the scale does not tell you how awesome your body is! The two aren’t even related. And I can rate my day. Write about my workout for the day, what nourishment my body had and reflecting on my mood for the day. This is absolutely a positive step for personal development.  It also is a great way to keep track of what I need to work on. For instance, right now, I need to change my focus. 

Reflections of my Day

I’ve focused so much on the big, time-consuming goals and aspirations these past few months that I’ve forgotten about many of the simple, daily habits that create happiness in my life. In fact, life has felt a bit chaotic and it’s because I’ve left a lot of these daily habits that bring me constant joy and happiness. These are “My Daily Habits for Happiness”. This is anything that I can easily accomplish in my day to day life that makes me feel really good.  For instance:

  1. Shift my workouts back to the mornings.
  2. Connecting with family.
  3. Email Management

Anything that inspires me because it’s never too late to design the life you deserve.

There are many things that I’m working on doing successfully each day (such as dedicated family time, exercise, etc), but there are many things that I can start doing to increase happiness quite easily. I’m not forgetting about my big goals for 2016 because there are many that I’m super excited about. However, this year I’m making the time for the “smaller” things that help me feel balanced, peaceful, and organized on a day to day basis.

This is the year that the small becomes the big. I’d love it if you joined along with me!




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