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    Having a purpose will help you focus your efforts in the right direction you want to go and help you prioritize when you are feeling overwhelmed.

    Be aware of the actions you take throughout your day and ask yourself if they are bringing you closer to what your heart desires and your goals. When you feel exhausted and are facing challenges, come back to your Why. Remember why you embarked on this crazy adventure.

Weekly Fitness Workout Plan

21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

Hi friends! How’s the morning going? Hope you’re enjoying the day and had a great weekend! We spent it indoors, nothing too fancy but I did manage to make up my Weekly Fitness Workout Plan for the next three weeks.

With another Monday upon us, that can either mean it’s a time to keep on trudging through your workouts as planned…or maybe you fell off track late in the week last week and today is an opportunity to regroup and recharge. It’s never too late to get back on track. Smashing your Monday workout session will make you feel like you are in control of your week, you are much more likely to stay on track with your nutrition and workouts if you can kick Monday off with a big workout session. 

A favorite mantra of mine when it comes to working out is Consistency is the key to success and organization is the key to consistency. Most of the people I know and follow who have succeeded with significant body transformations involving either weight loss or lean muscle gain have been incredibly organized throughout the entire process. That’s where my planner helps me out tremendously as I prepare for my week adding in my workouts as well as my meal plans for the week. Being organized is a way of showing yourself you are committed to what you are doing. On the flipside not being organized can lead to giving up very quickly, missing workout sessions and generally not paying attention to your nutrition.

Weekly Fitness Workout Plan

My workout plan for the week is above…it is our first week of Daylight Savings Time…so I’d love to get some evening walks in as well if I can. We have rain in the forecast for today, and it looks to be sunny a few days this week so maybe Wed, Thurs and Fri I can accomplish this. The temperature will be great for it.

What is your workout plan this week?

I’m picking up my groceries (mostly fresh produce) this afternoon {a day later than planned}, so I’m going to be adding in fresh salads along with some crock pot meals. Lots of chicken breast on hand already,  but I’ll add in some sweet potatoes and loads of steamed veggies. It’s very tempting when working from home to get side tracked…I definitely need my own healthy meals and snacks to keep me from reaching for anything not on my plan. The 21 Day Fix workout plan that I posted above along with my colored containers will definitely keep me on track. 

Stay on track this week – would love to hear your plans for achieving your fitness goals! Make Monday workouts a priority in your life to make your fitness journey a continuous routine – one that not only benefits you and your body but those around you too.


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