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So today, I had originally planned on sharing a different type of post with you all. But instead I got wrapped up in learning how to make my own planner stickers. I’m trying to step outside of my craft comfort zone. Making your own stickers is easy once you get the hang of it and a lot of fun actually. Needless to say, time did slip away from me. I did manage to get a few minor tasks done on my daily list though.

This week, I designed my weekly plan to show off a variety of colors and some of my own custom stickers. I’m still learning, so for the pros out there, please be kind. 🙂 For my first attempt, I decided to first create some Fitness Motivation Theme Planner Stickers. I threw a couple of fashion pics in there too. After all, girls do need a day off for fun.  You can use these with an Erin Condren (or other) planner or even a wall calendar. Eventually, I’ll share more stickers to track meals, 21-Day Fix program, workouts, hydration, daily tasks and more.

Click on the link below for the printable planner stickers!

Fitness Motivation Theme Planner Stickers -pdf

Fitness Motivation Theme Planner Stickers – PNG

Master Blog Sticker Blank Page Fitness Photo Only



These are absolutely free for personal use only and I am offering these in both PNG and PDF formats. 

How to use your stickers:

  1. Download the printable PDF or PNG.
  2. Print on sticker paper, photo paper or plain printer paper.
  3. If using sticker paper, simply cut around the shapes.
  4. If using photo or plain paper, cut the shapes and then use a glue stick or double-sided tape to stick to your page.
  5. Have fun and organize for good health and wellness creatively!

If you’d like more health and fitness inspiration and tips, come join me on Facebook! where I share Clean Eating, Meal Planning, Daily Tips, Support, Motivation & Accountability Inspiring Moms to live happy, healthy & fit!

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