The Hardest Part Is The First Step

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Good Morning! Who was inspired by yesterday’s daily bite of morning motivation? Did you take the first step? Did you find your way to try something new? Did you finally make that commitment to yourself? 

 Really Want Something

Now let me ask you this… Did you follow through?  Did you do everything you said you were going to?  Did you stick with your plan?  Did you feel successful at the end of your day? Or did you find yourself making an excuse for why you didn’t do it?

The reason that many great ideas, or goals never become reality is lack of commitment to get started. We have the Fear of criticism, rejection, or exposure. Fear of the unknown, and Fear of failure.  It is a law of physics.  For example…. It takes more energy to start a car or turn on a light in a room than to continue operating them. This is also true in our everyday lives. We do it with starting a project, starting a business, adopt a mode of dress or a certain type of behavior, trying something new and unfamiliar, choosing to eat right by going to the grocery store versus going through the drive thru or even taking the first step to exercise.

Sometimes, Oftentimes, it takes more effort  for us to get started. Taking the first step is HARD.  It’s hard to break bad habits.  It’s hard to reroute your path if you’ve been doing it the same for so long. It’s your comfort zone and you don’t know what’s beyond those walls or down the road.  It’s hard to muster the motivation to make a change.  The hardest part is getting started and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We all have our reasons, and they are all important to each and everyone of us, yet when does our reasons become an excuse?  When do our temporary reasons to postpone success in our lives become our excuses to stay stagnant and unhappy?

It is important to remember that failure is important to success if it is viewed as an opportunity to learn. To change failure from a negative experience to a positive phenomenon, eliminate those conditions which contribute to fear of failure.


Take the first step forward. The second and third steps will not be as hard.

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What step are you taking today?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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