Happy Hump Day, Friends! 

My wake up thought for motivation today is To Change Your Life, You Need To Change Your Priorities.  Do you make your health a priority in your life? Do you take care of yourself?  If not, WHY NOT?  Always believe in investing in yourself.  Always believe that you are worthy.  Always be willing to go to ANY length possible to make your dreams come true.  

This is the month we all know that people have such a strong passion for their new year resolutions. But then fall off the wagon shortly thereafter. Do you find yourself off that wagon spending your precious and valuable time and money foolishly? Do you find yourself purchasing a costly designer handbag or household item, yet you refuse to buy a gym membership or eat healthier because it’s “too expensive”? Do you put off exercising or working out telling yourself you’ll “do it later” than before you know it, you feel like time has gone by and it’s too late?

I know, because I’ve been guilty of this plenty of times. It’s challenging isn’t it? I’m no different than any other mom. I have a crazy schedule, busy bodies running around my house. I’m busy and my guess is, so are you! Sometimes, life just seems to take over. It’s been that way at my house for a while now and there are days (most of them) that are just plain exhausting. With 2 young teens, and working alongside with my husband managing a store 5 days a week as well as our home online consignment biz, my mind is tired. Most nights some unfinished thought or task is keeping me up and I’m tending to that, but some nights…I just want some sleep from a full 8 hours. Can I get an “Amen!” from the other moms out there?

In the same thought, I realize to change my life, I need to change my priorities. I also realize how incredibly blessed I am. Something that allows me to keep going and stay focused on those priorities to reach my goals, is my WHY. My WHY is my family. With our life struggles these past two years, I have never been so sure of my WHY.

  • I want something different personally for my life physically. I want to feel healthy, lose weight and have the energy to do things with my family.  I don’t want to feel afraid anymore to step outside of my comfort zone to exercise because of my physical challenges. Making exercising a priority at home by pressing play for 30 minutes each day or going for a walk is going to make me healthier, stronger and feel better.
  • Personal Growth – Working each and every day on my personal development is key in helping me work on being a better version of myself.
  • I want to be able to learn and make healthier food choices for myself and my family.
  • I  dream of being truly financially stable again, go places with my family and not feel the stress that comes with financial struggle.

This is why I’m up most days at 5am, sometimes 6am if it’s a long night with little sleep to change my priorities and tackle my to-do list and write out some goals! Writing my goals always get me fired up! It’s gonna be a good day!

Is your day, week, or month, daunting to you? Life in general can set a tone with all the activities that demand our attention. I’m here to say, stay focused, clear your head, and breathe through it!

With that being said, Where are your priorities? Are you willing to invest in yourself? Are you looking to invest in your health and happiness? Take time for you today. 

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