Today, marks the ending and beginning of a year of hard work and dedication running and managing the secondhand store and our continued support with helping the dog rescue. We dedicate 5 days a week to the store, and we do our best to make it a one of a kind quality secondhand store. Needless to say but it keeps us very busy.  We are finally after a long period of time looking,  moving to a bigger building and a better location.  This upcoming week, we’ll be packing up before Thanksgiving and then spending Black Friday moving.  I have enjoyed running the secondhand store this past year for our client, but I have to say I love the feeling of something new. Something pushing forward. The world around us continues to change in so many ways and 2014 went by so quickly. We are all healthy and happy and going forward with exciting new parts of our lives. 

Illya.  When he’s not busy at the store with customers, you can find him carving away either at the store or in his “shop area” at home. He has become quite talented in the custom carving of fire agates. For those that don’t know much about fire agates, they are a semi-precious natural gemstone found only in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. He finally found a supplier that he’s happy with, that can provide him with quality rocks to carve. He has created beautiful pieces to add to his collection and sell custom fire agate jewelry, pendants and stones.  He’s very good at finding lots of unique treasure pieces of jewelry and has a keen eye for finding those pieces for the store that each of our customers can appreciate.

Dante. He’s just less than one year from becoming a freshman in high school and has grown into quite the young man. He pretty much stands eyeball to eyeball with me now, growing up so fast, I can’t keep up. He flexes muscles and is quick-witted, he is smart, caring and creative. Nearly every day for the past 13 years, he has touched my soul in some way. He is the first to ask “How was your day ?” and “I Love You Mom?” or say “Mom, you look so pretty today.”  He enjoys spending time with his friends, playing XBOX 360, playing music on his keyboard, and putting things together.

Sierra. Is the most beautiful, amazing young lady a mom could ask for. Everyday, I watch her, listen to her, and learn from her every day, it’s still hard for me to believe that 11 years have passed. And growing up she is! This past year has brought far more change than just her height (and the beginnings of puberty). She’s experimented (wildly) with makeup, grown the beginning of what may be life long friendships at school and developed significant relationships with other kids. Her teacher at school praises her talents and she shows compassion for others. And although mostly done on the computer or on a specific XBOX  360 program called Mindcraft, she has become quite the “builder” in drawing of architecture and creates some really amazing designs. She just recently was asked to be “girlfriend” to a boy in her school. Being that she’s only 11 years old, I’m still not sure how I feel about this yet. But I have to remember, I was her age once. 

Me. I will continue to spend my days running and managing the secondhand store 5 days a week with my days off spent hanging out with my kiddos~ either at home, or with friends at my or their house. Other things keeping me busy are blogging, working out 5x a week, personal development, grocery shopping, meal prep’ing, time with friends, more time with family, more date nights with Illya,  zoom calls with friends and fellow coaches on my team, organizing the house, tracking our finances and the list goes on and on!

I finally after much thought, created my goal dream boards or at least one of them for the remainder of the year moving forward into the new year. I saved this photo to my desktop and it will help keep me accountable for what I want to accomplish.

 Family Time. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving day at home this year and enjoying every minute of it. It’s my favorite holiday. I’m in the decorating mood today, so I’ll enlist the troops to help me clean up the house and rearrange some furniture to make way for the elves and the Christmas tree.  I’m mapping out my meal plan for the week, baking and planning our Thanksgiving day and ensuring we stick with a clean eat plan. I’m on the hunt for healthier recipes and have come across a few I’d like to try. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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