It’s Not A Diet…It’s A Lifestyle Change!

I was never one for trying those hyped up diets you see advertised on the infomercials on tv or the weight loss supplements to lose weight. I dislike taking any type of pills. And I was never one to always eat breakfast in the morning because I was either in a hurry or simply not hungry. As far as breakfast was concerned, I knew that was the most important meal of the day but I still didn’t eat it as regularly as I should have.  My good friend Stacy, told me about Shakeology in the beginning of our switch to eating clean but I had put it off  because my husband said it was a waste of our money and it was probably the same as the shakes that GNC had to offer. I got on the website to research and read all about it and became really interested in it. It kept saying it was equivalent to eating 6 salads. I kept telling my husband, “It’s like eating 6 salads!”  “It not only helps repair your muscles and improves your mood and reduces cravings but it tastes great too. It is like drinking a milkshake or smoothie!”

Green Monkey Shakeology

After much procrastination, at the end of the month,  I decided that I was going to sell some items on eBay to buy a months supply of Shakeology, since my husband didn’t want me spending our earned money from the store and we had to pay bills! It was around $130 but I joined as a coach, and signed up for HD (Home Direct Monthly) and got 25% off and it only costs me 97.46 a month. I still had to pay for tax and shipping but I also ordered my first workout program to go along with it…21 Day Fix. What was even better is that there was also a 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee that said I could cancel it at any time during the month.

Shakeology with 21 Day Fix

I ordered the vanilla Shakeology and made my first shake with half a banana, a teaspoon of all natural peanut  butter, unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of vanilla Shakeology with ice and blended in a blender. IT WAS AMAZING! It truly was like drinking a vanilla milkshake. No protein powder taste, it was GOOD! I started the morning off with a big glass of warm lemon water prior to drinking my Shakeology and I was full for at least 3- 3 1/2 hours. I had a ton of energy to complete my workout and keep up with running the kids to school and having the energy to start my day at the store! I have been switching off drinking it for breakfast or lunch every day and in a week I dropped another 2 pounds! Woot Woot!

Chocolate Mocha Shakeology


I wasn’t even the type of person to believe drinking my meals would keep me from being hungry an hour or so later but this is yummy and filling too! As a busy parent this is an easy way for me to grab a healthy meal in the morning and jump in the car and head the kids off to school and not worry about what I am going to eat. I don’t want to eat that greasy fast food that just sits in your stomach and weighs you down, when I have a yummy milkshake in my hand.

Enjoying Strawberry Shakeology For Breakfast after my morning workout.

I’ve been drinking the Shakeology since the beginning of September and love it! The hubby started off sharing a bag with me and found he enjoys it to, so we signed him up as a coach to get the discount and he ordered Strawberry the first time around. This month we’re trying out the chocolate and it’s absolutely delicious! I was never a huge fan of chocolate and very picky about the types of chocolate I eat, but the chocolate Shakeology tastes like chocolate milk. And that I like! :)

The cost breakdown of Shakeology


If you are interested in trying it out check out for more information. Or you can always send me a message! I’d be glad to help, like I said, I wasn’t a believer until I gave it a try! It’s now my daily dose of dense nutrition!


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