Setting up a simple, fun family fitness challenge is the perfect way to get everyone in the household motivated to get healthy. Why not start as a family? It’s a great bonding experience for the whole family. Did you know that 80% percent of the weight loss battle is NUTRITION. Which means your success starts and ends in the kitchen everyday. Planning healthy meals can be enjoyable and in my opinion that this is the key to achieving and maintaining the body you want not to mention a healthy family lifestyle. If you and your family want to have a healthy body that is strong and resilient, you must obey the rule!

How can you start something as a family you ask? 

Have A Family Fitness Challenge

Since the other 20% of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Why not have a Family Fitness Challenge? Hold a family meeting to kick off your family fitness challenge. Solicit everyone’s ideas — little kids too! — for a goal to work toward. You might want to target healthy eating, increased physical activity, new strength goals, or less screen time. Spell out exactly what you’re hoping to achieve and what you’ll need to do to get there. Create a fitness challenge board to hold each family member accountable.

Maybe you’re concerned about your child’s weight, or even your own. Maybe you’ve noticed your family’s habits and hobbies tend to be sedentary instead of active.  Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution (or birthday, or back-to-school) to change your lifestyle. Have you started working on that resolution? If not, it’s not too late.

Your body runs on real food, water, and appropriate supplementation. In order to be successful you must establish and maintain consistent healthy eating habits with the singular goal of powering your body. Truly amazing things will begin to happen for you and your family when you combine both healthy eating habits and exercise. Each and every one of you will become an unstoppable force in achieving your weight loss goals and have a strong, healthy, active body.

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