Get Spooktacular Fit This Fall

Are you ready to Fall Into Fitness and Get Spooktacular Fit This Fall? Well there are just a 5 more day left this month of September to order the 21 Day Fix Program at it’s special price this month.


My 21-Day Fix Journey

Yes, I’m feeling extremely vulnerable here but I’m not only holding myself accountable but I also made a promise to myself and committed to this health and fitness journey. Who knows maybe there are others who feel the same or are in the same situation as I was. 

First, when I decide to do something, anything, I give it my all. It becomes something I’m committed to. I give nothing less than 200%. This is what makes me a great valuable teammate, an incredible hardworking employee and your best ally anyone could have. It is with this same commitment that I approached the 21 Day Fix as a customer, a coach and most importantly, an everyday woman/busy mom with weight to lose. 40 pounds to be exact.

Ever since the box of colored containers and the plan showed up I was ready to get fit again. I knew that if I just dedicated myself to the program nothing bad could come of it. I was right. I lost 10 pounds in 21 days. That’s 3 weeks! In less than one month I went from having a 38 inch waist to a 37 inch waist, which is still a work in progress but In 21 days I changed bad habits and learned new, healthy ways to eat.

The meal planning wa trulys easy because I read the entire booklet and planned ahead at the beginning of each week. I created a calendar spreadsheet system to help me through the first few days and afterwards duplicated those meals. I was able to combine foods from different containers to create yummy and satisfying recipes. I used a similar Shakeology cup to track my water intake, and I stayed on top of healthy eating by keeping the fridge stocked with fresh produce, fruits and by drinking Shakeology everyday. The workouts were fun and challenging. Every workout had a modifier, and women and men of different fitness levels and body types were featured on the DVDs. I love that! During the double workout week (the last week of the program), I’d complete 1 workout when I got up at 5am and then later in the evening added the second workout just before the family went to bed Yes, it was truly a time crunch for, but it was oh so worth it! The additional workouts during this final week of the 21 Day Fix amped up my endurance and I felt like I accomplished something.

My goal is to lose a total of 40 pounds before my birthday. But that’s not all. I want to increase my muscle mass and lose fat. I want washboard abs, a lean body and a clean bill of health. That’s where the lifestyle changes come into play. I couldn’t come home and have a snack on those salty junk foods every night when my goals are to be lean and fit. I thought it would be really hard for me to break those bad habits, but by Day 3 of the 21 Day Fix, I was over the hard part. I sweat out the sugar, salt and fat cravings every day and emerged victorious. I am stronger, fitter, happier and a much better walker! Oh My God and my sleep is sooo much better. No more sleepless nights for this momma.

What I gained from my 21 Day Fix Journey:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Portion control knowledge
  • Better Meal Planning skills
  • Love of new healthy foods
  • Love of Shakeology
  • Less appetite
  • Better Sleep

I have been, and still am, extremely hesitant to post my before and after photos. I was literally in tears when I posted to my personal page on Facebook.  The before photo is horrifying to me, I wasn’t happy taking the photo at all and the after photo, although amazing for 21 days of work, is still not the real me. It’s still this other, bigger person that I do not like and am not comfortable living with. Regardless, this is the commitment I made to myself and to anyone who joins along on this journey with me. So without further ado, I present to you the Before and After photos:


Join me the first week of October as our team holds our Fall Into Fitness Challenge Group. It’s 4 weeks of Working Out, Eating Healthy, Setting Goals, Staying Accountable AND HAVING LOTS OF FUN with your New and Current Fit Friends! Now is the time to get a head start and jump on board with us. If you are willing to commit to yourself and are willing to put in the work, you can lose up to 15 pounds by Halloween!!!

To reserve your spot and get registered for the group…Just comment below or send me a message to and I’ll reach out to you with all the fun details of how to join in with us and GET SPOOKTACULAR FIT THIS FALL!!!

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