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Limited Bonus Discount New Subscribers ~Menu Plan, Shopping List & Recipes July 2013


Are you enjoying your summer vacation with the family so far? We’ve hit some record high scorching days here in the sierra foothills this past 4th of July week and are doing our best to keep cool. We had our first family camping trip of the year, and were excited to spend a few days away relaxing. Packing and pre-planning for our camping trip meals with some ready made mixes, burritos, chicken burgers (one of the easiest recipes featured in this month’s meal plan), hot dogs, hamburgers made our camping trip even more enjoyable. And no one went hungry. :)

I even had time to plan out the meals and go monthly grocery shopping for July. Wahoo!!!

This month, we’re keeping organized and putting more effort into frugal living and my hope is to help you all on this journey with me to continually save time in the kitchen, have a weekly meal plan and continue to create those family mealtime memories.

I’ve broken down the monthly meal plan this month for subscribers into 5 weeks getting us all through the end of July as we move into August. I will be posting the month’s menu, shopping list and each week on Saturday mornings you’ll get to review the upcoming week’s recipes to prepare ahead of time. I’ll also be sharing frugal tips and tricks  for shopping and cooking all throughout this month’s meal plan. So whether you’re a monthly shopper or still weekly shopping, you’ll be ready to have those planned meals, to keep your family saving and on budget. As a special feature to the new meal plans, I’ve also included a list  broken down each week of emergency foods to build up your emergency food supply. You never know when you might need it.

Be sure to check out my post on How We’re Cutting Our Grocery Bill for some frugal tips on your next shopping trip. Are you ready for the meal plan?

Busy Mom Menu Plan

My Busy Mom’s Monthly Menu Plans are only $9.99 each month! That’s just less than $2.50 per week to have all your meal plans figured out for you and your grocery shopping already planned! As a SPECIAL BONUS, I’m offering a LIMITED BONUS DISCOUNT to NEW SUBSCRIBERS. Anyone who becomes a new subscriber in the month of July will receive 40% off the month of July menu plan. You pay only $6.00. Simply enter the coupon code: FOURTH at checkout.

Plus when you purchase a subscription you get a free copy of my COMPLETE PANTRY LIST!  This pantry list contains everything you need to keep your pantry stocked for the entire month to create great, fast, from scratch recipes to help you with your monthly meal plan! As a special bonus for subscribers I’ll be adding  FREE mini ebooks every few months.

Most meal recipes do not include a side dish, unless otherwise linked and noted.  I will share side dishes throughout the month using the ingredients I have on hand. Remember, my family is also using the meal plan. We shouldn’t need to go grocery shopping until it’s time for next month. You will be also be able to find some great side dishes here.

Click below to purchase a monthly subscription of our meal plans and unlock this month’s meal plan. I hope you enjoy and they help make your family life much easier!


Menu Plan

July Menu Plan


July 2013 Menu Plan – Print HERE

July 2013 Grocery List – Print HERE

Sunday July 7-Saturday July 13, 2013 Recipes – Print HERE

Featured Leftover Recipe Week 1: Braided Spaghetti Garlic Bread

Sunday July 14-Saturday July 20, 2013 Recipes -Print HERE

*Each week’s recipes will be available on Saturday mornings. In the future, I’m hoping to have the entire month’s recipes available to subscribers by the 25th of each month.

Print My Pantry Staples List HERE

Have a fantastic rest of your week and Happy Meal Planning!





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