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The hubby and I have been trying to get back into shape. Summer is quickly approaching (with this hot weather for us, it’s already here) and we’ve seem to have fallen off the wagon so to speak. So, as I mentioned when posting our weekly menu, we’ve decided to re-evaluate the family eating habits and get healthy!

I’ve never thought about sharing our family’s dieting before or thought anyone would care to hear about our personal experiences when it comes to dieting but I have now decided that it might be something some of you may be interested in or could offer tips from your own experiences on a family diet and eating healthy. Plus, I am hoping that keeping a weekly diary will keep our family motivated as well as help others understand how effective the Dukan diet plan can be. The hubby and I chose this diet plan because it opens a door for us to make better food choices.  I’ve never paid real close attention to calories when it came to meal planning before but I think if we want to live a healthier lifestyle, we need to start. We enjoy eating everything but we’re not getting any younger and our metabolism isn’t what it used to be.

First, the hubby and I are totally new to this plan. After reading about it on various sites with nothing but good feedback, the hubby and I decided to give this plan a try and thought enough with the shakes that are suppose to suppress your hunger. Let’s eat healthy! I am a foodie, a meal planner, I can make it work plus I still get to drink my coffee.

My week’s current stats:

Age: Me: 41 Hubby: 43
Height: Me: 5’7 Hubby: 5’8
Weight: Me:  Truthfully, I’m not sure really, haven’t been on a scale lately but will pick one up at the thrift store. Hubby: 252 (he’s had more than 5 back surgeries from his work disability, exercising is difficult when you’re always in pain.)
Target weight: Me: 125-135 Hubby: 200
Desired Weight Loss: Me: 40 lbs Hubby: 50

Our weaknesses:

I am a self-confessed carbs addict: I’ve never really had a sweet tooth but I am a sucker when it comes to bread, pasta, pizza and cheese. Give me a loaf of fresh baked french bread, some cheese and it’ll be gone before you can blink. I am hoping that cutting complex carbs out of my routine until I reach my target weight will teach me that carbs are more of a treat, rather than something to binge on daily.
– My commitment to daily exercise has slipped since we got rid of the treadmill: Unfortunately going to the gym didn’t really play in the cards either when our family budget changed this year.

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