Reader Q&A: Raley’s Something Extra Rewards vs. Friday Freebies

Occasionally, I get questions by readers who write in or answer survey questions that I think might be able to add in on or benefit from.

Today, we’re talking about the new Raley’s Something Extra Rewards vs. the Friday Freebies. The Raley’s Something Extra rewards program is available to everyone. You can sign up online or right there in the store. You can read more about the rewards program here. Customers earn 1 point per $1 spent and if you reach the minimum requirement of 500 points PER QUARTER, you will be mailed or e-mailed (depending on your preference) a voucher redeemable for merchandise in the store. (A HUGE plus for couponers since you will earn points for the total amount before manufacturer coupons).



Q: What do you think of Raley’s new card vs the Friday Freebies they used to have?

A: First, let me start off by saying, I’ve accumulated over 2000 Something Extra Rewards on my card since the program started. Now, this is based on my grocery shopping of no more than two times a month if that at Raley’s. Every time I make a purchase at Raley’s, the card swipe machine asks me to slide my Something Extra Card first or enter my phone number for added additional savings. Depending on the products I buy, I can sometimes earn an additional 5x or 10x points. There are additional perks like the Peet’s Coffee Club for those of us who wouldn’t mind enjoying a hot cup of coffee while we shop. Oh and have you heard about the $5 Mondays? On Mondays they make their deals even better. So check Raley’s online every Monday before you go shopping.

Friday Freebies were great for customers in getting that free products like spaghetti noodles, bread, eggs, etc! I loved getting products for free but you always had to spend $10 or $20 in order to get that product. I didn’t always purchase the products on the Friday Freebies coupons because they didn’t always reflect what my family purchases at the grocery store. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves with manufacturer coupons. That’s a story for another day.

To answer my reader’s question, I’m enjoying the Raley’s Something Extra Program. It caters to us– the families, what we are looking to purchase for our everyday family meals and not what the manufacturers want us to purchase. We earn rewards points on the everyday products we buy. And the bonus, we are rewarded every quarter with rewards vouchers for shopping and earning points giving us free groceries for our families.

Can’t wait to receive my rewards voucher. It will be added to my next grocery budget and I can add the savings into our next family vacation fund.

How about you? What are your thoughts on Raley’s Something Extra Rewards Program. We’d love to hear!

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